22. November 2017 - 6:00
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Summer Sessions 4 Week Meditation Workshop | Plant 4 Bowden | Wednesday, 22. November 2017

1 hour classes 6-7am

Are you feeling stretched, fatigued and over-worked as the year comes to an end?

Are you craving time out for yourself, space to breathe and an opportunity to reconnect with your intentions?

Have you started to think about what you desire for the New Year ahead? Are your dreams starting to take shape, and now require some extra support from the universe?


Are you simply looking to establish a nourishing morning routine that will support you now and as you move into 2018?

Either way, the Summer Sessions will do all of this, and more.

This 4 week meditation experience has been mindfully created to encourage you to connect to your dreams and desires and awaken your manifesting power.

Infused with the soulful and unique teachings of meditation teacher and healer Jason McGrice, this month long meditation journey will dive deep into releasing fatigue, stress and overwhelm and all that is no longer serving you; while creating space and lightness to begin connecting to your hearts desires.

The Summer Sessions explore simple, yet highly effective meditation techniques that will support you to feel rested, revitalised and calm as you head into your day, the festive season and well into 2018.

Each week Jason will guide you through 4 leading themes:

November 22nd – Exploring Stillness & Rituals

November 29th – Soulful Intentions

December 6th – Affirming Your Desires

December 13th – Living in Alignment

This experience has been created with YOU in mind, an intentional opportunity to reflect, recharge and realign. It has all the soulful components you need to establish a beautiful and supportive morning routine, awaken your manifesting power, align with your dreams and support radical change in your life.

This year explore the Summer Sessions – of a different kind. Your soul will thank you for it.

What to bring: yoga mat, pillow + throw rug (whatever you need for maximum comfort)

Where: Plant 4 Bowden, upstairs mezzanine level

Ticketing Options: 4 week pass = $70 or Individual week pass = $20 per session
  • Last weeks session!! How good was the turn out!!? Thank you all so so so much for coming along! This week is going to equally as vibrant if not better!! Wed is all about Soulful Intentions. Connecting to should nourishing emotions, energies, words and visualisations that will power us through our week. We already have 20 spaces filled for Wed, get in quick! :D Namaste, Jase. <3
  • Friends! Don’t forget your mats, pillow & throwrug’s. Enter via the Northwest corner. See you in the am's
  • It all starts tomorrow at 6am zen friends!! Lets prepare our energy for 2018!!
  • Andy Walters
  • Can't wait :)
  • Oh Jase! Id LOVE to come .. ( your CD is brilliant by the way ) but i work weds! Sherbet herbert! From my heart...i wouldve been there otherwise. Much love *** ❤