05. November 2017 - 0:00
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This Christmas give the gift of Library for girls in South Sudan | MADAA INC | Sunday, 05. November 2017

Hi Friends, Christmas is approaching and we are aware that there are many people who do not have the opportunity to share this Christmas with loves with gifts. Therefore we are requesting you to donate as part of your gift this Christmas in support of girls education in South Sudan. All money raised will go toward the construction of library at Fr. Leopoldo Anywar College.
This is a none event, all you need is to do is DONATE online. All donations above $2 are tax deductible. CLICK ON THE TICKET LINK TO DONATE!
  • This was during debate session last week Friday. The gift of library will lift the quality of our students debating standard. As the they will opportunity to research and reference some facts.
  • For online donation please click on the link below:
  • We would like to extend our gratitude for those who have already donated in support of our Christmas Appeal to raise money for the library. Please invite your friends to participate.
  • What do you think about both donating to this library in lieu of getting each other xmas gifts Jane Taylor. Couldnt get more "us"...being librarian trained and all. šŸ“–šŸ“ššŸ“˜
  • http://www.madaa.org.au/online-donations/
  • We have so far received very good feedback and good will in support of our Christmas Appeal. Thank you all who have supported us so far. Please help fine a house for those books
  • Good morning to all our supporters, our Christmas appeal is on now. All you is simply click on ticket link this will enable you make a donation toward this appeal. The photo below is some of our students during group discussion.
  • To participate in this event all need is click on the link below and donate to support the construction of the library.