09. March 2018 - 16:00
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WOMADelaide 2018 | WOMADelaide | Friday, 09. March 2018

#WOMADL18 - The World's Festival

Full Lineup: http://bit.ly/WOMAD18lineup

a Bit na Ta (PNG/Aust) • Abbey Howlett (Aust) • Adrian Sherwood (UK) • Anoushka Shankar (India/UK) • The Avalanches (Aust) • Baker Boy (Aust) • Bashka (Turkey/Aust) • Bedouine (USA/Syria) • Bixiga 70 (Brazil) • BLICK BASSY (France/Cameroon) • Chico Trujillo (Chile) • Constantinople & Ablaye Cissoko (Canada/Iran/Senegal) • Dan Sultan (Aust) • Daymé Arocena (Cuba) • Deborah Conway (Aust) • Didirri (Aust) • DJ Marky (Brazil) • Dustyesky (Aust) • Elephant Sessions (Scotland) • Eva Quartet (Bulgaria) • Ghada Shbeir (Lebanon) • Gogol ******** (USA) • Gratte Ciel “Place des Anges” (France) • Hana & Jessie-Lee’s Bad Habits (Aust) • Hartway (Aust) • Hat Fitz & **** (Ireland/Aust) • Havana Meets Kingston (Cuba/Jamaica) • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (USA) • JAZZ Party (Aust) • Jojo Abot (Ghana) • Kamasi Washington (USA) • Kings & Associates (Aust) • Le Vent du nord (Canada) • Lonelyspeck (Aust) • LURA (Cape Verde) • **** Kin Spender (Aust) • The Manganiyar Seduction (India) • Mission Songs Project (Aust) • Moussa Diakite & Wassado (Mali/Aust) • My Bubba (Sweden/Iceland) • Nai Palm (Aust) • Nano Stern (Chile) • Naomi Keyte (Aust) • Nickodemus (USA) • Noura Mint Seymali (Mauritania) • Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band (Ghana) • Peanut Butter Wolf (USA) • The Pin (Aust) • POW! Negro (Aust) • Rahim AlHaj **** (Iraq) • Rajab Suleiman & Kithara (Zanzibar) • Remi x Sampa (Aust) • Rodrigo y Gabriela (Mexico) • San Lazaro (Aust) • Tank and the Bangas (USA) • TAO Dance Theatre (China) • Tex, Don & Charlie (Aust) • Thievery Corporation (USA) • Thundercat (USA) • Tim Whitt (Aust) • Tinariwen (Mali) • Victoria Hanna (Israel) • Violons Barbares (France/Mongolia/Bulgaria) • Yellow Blue Bus (Aust) • YID! (Aust) • Yirrmal & the Miliyawutj (Aust)

PLUS The Planet Talks Program, Spectacular Installations, Street Theatre, Taste The World Program, Artists In Conversation, Global Village, Workshops, KidZone and much, MUCH more!

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9 - 12 March 2018 • Botanic Park • Adelaide
  • Eeeey if anyone wants to sell me a coupla sneaky sunday night tickets holla at me🌜
  • Womad, can you please tell me why it's costing more and more to get in each year? When I first started going 5-6yrs ago (religiously), it would cost $120-130con. to get in, now it's $170-190 to get in (for one day). The earlier years were great fun. Great music and lots of stalls and stuff to see but lately I can't justify the price for the recent lack of stalls and energetic music. My daughter and I usually have a great day with you, staying till about 7pm. But last year I left about halfway through the day because I had done everything we usually do and didn't enjoy the music at all (my daughter said she wanted to go home, a first with all of her womad experiences). I found the atmosphere rather sleepy, if I wanted to sleep in the park I can that home for free. I'm unfortunately going to have to skip this year because I can't risk spending that much money on potentially another dud day.
  • Hey womad folk im going to be driving up from melbourne in my ute on wednesday the 7th, im looking for somone to share the drive and fuel
  • Hey womad folk im going to be driving up from melbourne in my ute on wednesday the 7th, im looking for somone to share the drive and fuel
  • HNG !!!
  • Reckon Griffy Griff should be MC for DJ marky. Shane Waples agree?
  • Hi, Wondering if the Womadelaide app will be updated with the 2018 timetable/artists, etc.? And if so when that may be available? So excited I want to start planning. Thanks 😊
  • Where can I find the schedule of every day? The website doesnt display it ????
  • Hi there, wondering when the Womad 2018 app will be live & available for downloading? Cheers!
  • when is the 2018 womad app for mobile phone coming out???
  • ❤️ Reacts Only.
  • "Torn" is a song that has hit peak popularity through covers (cheers Natalie 💕)... but this one by Gogol ******** is by far our favourite 🤘
  • Would be helpful if you can put the Schedule for the actual stages out... I may only buy a pass for part of WOMAD this year, perhaps Friday night- but so far I can't tell if Anoushka and Baker Boy will be on at different times on Friday, or at same time on different stages? Don't want to miss anyone! 😀
  • What a line up! Angie-lee Stahl, if you have the opportunity to go to this one then do it! :)
  • Watch Thundercat lay it down on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last year as he "unleashed an array of wah-wah-laden licks and showcased a velvety falsetto" - Rolling Stone
  • A man that requires very little introduction... Dan Sultan. His 2017 album "Killer" gained heaps of attention and rightfully so with tunes like this. Dan Sultan. Foundation Stage. Sunday Night. → http://bit.ly/WOMADLdansultan
  • 50 Days to go. Who's joining us? http://bit.ly/womadl18
  • Meet the brilliant minds and fascinating individuals joining us for the 2018 Planet Talks sessions: http://bit.ly/PlanetTalks18
  • ICYMI, day schedule is up! http://bit.ly/WO18Schedule
  • Can someone please point me to these mythical playing days that I've heard have finally been released? TIA
  • Well done #womadelaide 🎉 Now that I have seen the full list, I have to say it is an awesome lineup for March 2018. Diverse, Interesting, adventurous, spirited! All one would want in a world music festival!!
  • Couldn't manage a single traditional artist from the Celtic region? I suppose there aren't that many Irish and Scottish ex-pats in Adelaide 🤔
  • Grab a tickie while you can friends - we just added 54 new groups and projects to #WOMADL18 and we ain't done yet!
  • There are so many Adelaideans/Australians who would love to see the amazing Jo Quail on one of the stages!!! She's based in the UK and plays stunning out of this world compositions on her electric cello, at times including a local choir and/or even a cello ensemble!!! To watch her on youtube is great but to see and hear her in person is even greater!!! Please :)
  • ICYMI: catch up on last week's announce below & subscribe for future updates HERE → http://bit.ly/WomadNews