26. September 2019 - 8:30 till 11:00
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Albury - Discover Business Advisory | Quest Albury On Townsend | Thursday, 26. September 2019

WHY SHOULD I GO TO  -  Discover Business Advisory?
Becoming a Best Practice Certified Business Advisor is not everyone. The journey to genuinely learn Fortune 500 world-leading intellectual property is a step by step journey and not to be taken lightly. Put simply, how can we certify you if you cannot master your own firm?
That said, learning how to dramatically improve your own advisory firm and also pick up your globally recognised Best Practice Certification in Business Advisory is the most relevant, current and worthwhile journey on offer today and towards 2025.
It’s difficult to fully appreciate ‘what you don’t know’ and what it takes to realise your full potential as business advisor, what is scalable, what's not, what delivers the best ROI for SME's and what doesn't, what technology to leverage and which apps to avoid for limitations etc. Imagine if you had the knowledge, skills, and experience of a Tier 3 Best Practice Certified Business Advisor, rather than just the public practice knowledge of being an Accountant, how might you do things differently and what might the SME sector say about your brand?
Less than 1% of Business Owners truly “Master” their businesses and Accountants are no different to any other industry niche in that Accountants are not mastering their businesses either.
This workshop reveals the world's leading Business Advisory accreditation system, including key ingredients to achieving Growth, Succession & Work-life Balance not just for your clients but for you and your firm as well. More than 1,800 Accounting firms have attended this workshop since 2011 and not only have 530 of them have gone on to participate in the 12 months Best Practice Business Advisory Program which includes your own IP development start working on your own Growth & Succession plans, more than 500 firms have recommended this advisory framework to their own SME clients since 2011.
There is no other way (or workshop) to evaluate if you have what it takes to enter the main game of scalable business advisory.
Attendees will participate in unique activities, designed to raise your awareness about the breadth and depth of business advisory, how to help any SME in any industry master their own business, and at the same time, start to turn your practice into a business that works for you rather than you working for it. Learn the success principles and processes that more than 1,800 Accounting firms have gained access to since 2011 whereby >600 of these firms have then gone on to apply this business advisory methodology themselves.
Additional benefits include learning how to Improve your WIP, debtors, time management, team productivity, recruitment initiatives, profit, cashflow, marketing strategies, even your own work-life balance!
Discovering Business Advisory is also the only workshop where accountants can learn about advanced business advisory programs that not only grow your fee income per client but also improve client behaviours towards your firm, and generate substantial new advisory AND compliance fee income from new client prospects through our "done for you" turnkey marketing and event management strategies.
John Peterson is Australia's leading advisor to Accountants, having consulted to more than 1,800 firms over 17 years, advised more than 600 firms personally in performance improvement, and facilitated more than 120 buy, sell, merger transactions, equity participation outcomes, and equity dilutions through attracting younger partners into ageing firms. The Best Practice Business School delivers the world's leading advisory accreditation mechanism for accountants, bookeepers and business consultants.
And yes, this workshop delivers 100% CPD compliance meaning you'll also gain a certificate upon completion!