30. July 2020 - 9:00
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Back to the Track 2020 | Alice Springs, Northern Territory | Thursday, 30. July 2020

BACK TO THE TRACK 1945 - 2020
For many years what is now know as the Stuart Highway was little more than a track beside the Overland Telegraph Line. Known only as the North – South road, it followed in the footsteps of explorer John McDouall Stuart who successfully crossed the continent from south to north in 1862
This all changed dramatically with the advent of World War Two.
Darwin was isolated from the south and relied on sea lanes to maintain supplies. The threat of those sea lanes being cut by the enemy’s ships and submarines meant an overland supply route was going to be vital to Australia’s defence strategy.
In a remarkable feat of engineering and sheer determination, the rough dirt track was turned into a highway in the space of a few months.
By September 1940 the first military convoys were taking men and supplies through to Darwin. Further work carried out by work forces from each state, to strengthen and seal the road, was completed in October 1943, and the track became a road.
The track was the scene of an extraordinary amount of activity during the war.
All kinds of supplies critical to the war effort were carried up the track, the injured were brought back down to field hospitals, and aircraft took off and landed from dozens of trackside airstrips to intercept enemy planes and to launch attacks against the Japanese advance and occupation to the north.
The “Back To The Track” event in August 2020 will offer participants and visitors to the Northern Territory a unique opportunity to experience the tangible reminders of the front-line “Battle for Australia”

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