19. August 2019 - 9:00
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Permaculture Design Course - Intensive | Purple Pear Farm | Monday, 19. August 2019

Permaculture is a whole systems approach to ecological planning and design – a way of thinking, based on a positive and creative solution-finding, that provides tools for working towards long term sustainability. It covers all aspects of human life and is grounded in practical real world design and extends into the complex realm of sustainable social design.
The PDC teaches participants how to use information, resources and ethics to meet local needs on a limited land base, and teaches how we can utilise today’s tools and technology to shape a more sustainable and equitable world for all species.
The PDC is the perfect launching pad for a life of Permaculture and this course covers the internationally recognised curriculum set in Permaculture – A designer’s manual. For more than 10 years Kate and Mark have offered the PDC and have see many go on to do great things around the world.
From consultancy and aid work, to teaching and simply providing for their families, graduates of the PDC at Purple Pear Farm have gained the confidence to live life in a sustainable and regenerative way.
9am-4pm  This course is an intensive two week live-in and runs in conjunction with the autum and spring internship.

camping sites available.
please bring a notebook and coloured pencils, boots, hat and gloves and ppe.
Please ask if you need assistance with enroling.