05. August 2020 - 19:30
Hills District Community Centre, Meeting Room 1, Arana Hills
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[Arana Hills] Free Guided Meditation - Heartfulness | Wednesday, 05. August 2020

We practice Heartfulness Meditation which focuses on the heart and explores the capabilities of the human consciousness.No experience required. Beginners are welcome.Who should attend: Anyone interested in wellbeing and age above 15 years.Dress casual comfortable.Cost: FreeOne of the employees from Rio Tinto had to say about Heartfulness meditation "We’re realising the benefits of relaxation, stress release or simply time to ourselves, as we look after our personal wellbeing and counteract the potential negative effects of physical inactivity at the same time – a common concern in office-based jobs."Regular meditation practice can lead to our overall wellbeing and aids us to,- Relax the body- Regulate the mind- Manage your emotions- Connect within#heartfulness #meditation #australia #yoga #peace #mindfulness #spirituality #wellness #relaxation @heartful_ness