30. August 2020 - 9:30 till 16:30
Wungong Gorge Walk, Bedfordale WA 6112, Australia, Armadale
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2020 Bloated Goat30km/Fat Lamb20km/Bleating Kid12km/Roast Lamb5k | Sunday, 30. August 2020

Bloated Goat: 30km +/-1600m : The Toughest Race in WA.

Little Fat Lamb: 20km: +/-1000m : The toughest HALF MARATHON in WA

Bleating Kid: 12km+/-650m : The toughest 12km Race in WA

Roast Lamb: 5km +/ 300m: Your toughest 5km challenge yet!

These hills will surprise you! It will shock some, and delight others! Either way, you won't forget it! You may even feel like that goat...chewing up the elevation! For the rest of you, keep on going, there's more climbing to do! When you think you're done, continue. The hills are relentless.

Which distance should I choose?

Bloated Goat is something you must train for! It's also something we're putting in a qualifier for. It's the toughest event in WA and it's not for everyone. One of the only runs on our calendar that is given the 'Double Black' category.

Little Fat Lamb: Yes there's still hills and yes, it will be a challenge, and perfect for you if you completed the BLACK COURSE Winter Series. And also perfect for you, if you have completed a TRAIL MARATHON.

Bleating Kid: Still hills, still a challenge and perfect for you if you completed the BLUE COURSE Winter Series. And also perfect for you if you have completed a TRAIL HALF MARATHON.

Roast Lamb: 5km that's your toughest challenge yet! There's 300 m of climbing, it's a course that let's the GREEN COURSE Winter Series runner see what they're made of!

WHEN: Sunday 30 August, 2020

WHERE: Wungong RP, Western Australia

WHO: An event for all trail runners! We've got hills and a few distances on offer!

DISTANCES: 5km,12km, 20km, 30km http://www.perthtrailseries.com.au/event/bloated-goat

If you've completed the Winter Series, you'll be on your way to being prepared for this! Keep the year rolling with Trail Running!