19. August 2019 - 16:00 till 18:00
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Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support | 65 Anzac Hwy | Monday, 19. August 2019

To kick off Brain Injury Awareness Week One Rehabilitation Service invites you to attend a professional education session to learn more about using a Positive Behaviour Support approach for behaviours of concern, hosted by Senior Psychologists Charlotte Stephens and Vaishnavi Thirumanickam.  There will be wine and cheese to finish off the evening! 

Brain injury can lead to cognitive impairments, making it difficult for an individual to regulate their impulses, sometimes resulting in behaviours of concern.  Behaviours of concern (also known as challenging behaviours) are behaviours that include physical aggression, verbal aggression, inappropriate sexualised behaviours and property damage to name a few.  The current evidence-based approach in managing behaviours of concern is Positive Behaviour Support. 

Develop an understanding of;
- What is Positive Behaviour Support and its key elements
- What are behaviours of concern
- General proactive (preventative) strategies
- General reactive strategies (de-escalation) strategies