21. April 2018 - 10:00 till 15:00
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4th Annual GRT Family Reunion Light - Austin, Texas | Austin, Texas | Saturday, 21. April 2018

Even been under a log with awesome people and wanted to get to know those weirdos better? That’s what the GRT Reunion is all about.

The hardest part is signing up.
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Meet GRT’s from around the country for a Ruckoff on Friday night, then hit the town together on Saturday for a Light Challenge that is all smiles and a few rucking miles in the best parts of town. Jason (GORUCK’s Founder) will be joining as a participant and GORUCK’s most senior Cadre will lead the event.

Earn your special GRT Reunion patch and celebrate some more with an after-party at the local Team House located in the heart of East Austin. Join us for the first-ever Cadre Roast broadcasted live on The GORUCK Show.

Friday April 20
2000 hours - Ruckoff Zilker Brewing Company (1701 E 6th Street, Austin, TX)

Saturday April 21
1000 hours - Kick off GORUCK 4th Annual GRT Reunion - Light Challenge (Start Point: Town Lake Metropolitan Park, corner of Cummings St and East Ave)
1000-1600 - Lots of awesome with your favorite GRT weirdos
1600 hours - Endex GRT Reunion Light
1630 hours - After-party gets going (Team House location TBA)
1900 hours - Inaugural Cadre Roast
  • So confused... Is this a Tough or a Light? Christopher Goad?
  • This is also MotoGP weekend.
  • Question: I have an ongoing back problems. Can I join and do the event but no weight? If the answer is positive, I'll request days off (I usually work weekends)
  • Is the Bob Marley Festival not 4/20-4/22?
  • I have lots of coupons at my gym. We can also leave cars at MYLO Obstacle Fitness if need be. I have extra cots and buildings at my gym if anyone needs to stay.
  • So this is a full event with stations and what not?
  • A 4-6hr Tough? NICE!!!!
  • I would love to be there but I will be in the British Virgin Islands for 10 days starting that weekend sailing on some fancy boat...
  • Dang same weekend as the Salty Dog Cruise, Ya'll have fun.
  • Will there be a Light and Scavenger too?
  • 5 hour tough! Sign me up