28. April 2018 - 11:00 till 18:00
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Eeyores Birthday Party | Pease Park | Saturday, 28. April 2018

This is it everyone the official Eeyore’s Birthday Party of 2018.

The last Saturday of April marks one of the longest running free events in Austin: Eeyore’s Birthday Party. Not only is Eeyore’s Birthday free, but it also helps raise money for local non-profits.

You can read more about Eeyore's Birthday Party here: http://austinot.com/eeyores-birthday-austin

Official website: http://www.eeyores.com/

For more free events and fun in Austin you can follow us here

  • What cross street is the best? 24th and Lamar? I’ve been many years but never paid attention and now that I have a little I need to plan better.
  • Happy Valentines Day!
  • Please tell me we can have hammocks
  • Please tell me we can have hammocks
  • Who remembers unicycle football at Eeyore's Birthday?
  • sounds about right....
  • We will be there selling Turkey Legs with Constable Pct 5 Employee Assn. such a great event that gives back to the community through all of the non-profit groups.
  • Happy Tuesday #eeyoresbirthday2018
  • https://www.facebook.com/Insiderbeauty/videos/454695284900875/
  • Happy Hump Day #eeyoresbirthday2018
  • Where it all started Joseph Connan Enno 😋
  • Is there any scope for **** painting? I m willing to put booth for **** painting
  • Drum circle ready #eeyoresbirthday2018
  • Deidra Miles
  • Finished my skirt 😃
  • I went to this 30 years ago ! Good times
  • Are pets allowed ?
  • Camille Vega Would you want to go to this? ❤️
  • Have a good weekend #crowdfavorite #eeyoresbirthday2018
  • Silly newbie questions, do you need to register? Or obtain tickets?
  • I attended the first 8 (including @ Eastwoods Park) - attendance has been spotty, since, as I no longer live in Austin - but I do get reports from several annual attendees, including 'Crazy' Carl Hickerson and 'Hunnert' Jim Wucher
  • Everybody's welcome to this event just have fun and stay safe.
  • Is this a kid friendly event?
  • 4 months until we see a whole lot of this #eeyoresbirthday2018