18. July 2019 - 19:15 till 20:30
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Workshop for Parents with Children with Special Needs | Rapha Wellness Center | Thursday, 18. July 2019

Free Educational Workshop for Parents + Q&A

Introduction about our services
Signs of developmental delays
Integrating child into your local community
Benefits of structured/explorative play
How to advocate for your child
Pros/Cons of screen time
Importance of crawling
Benefits of Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapy
Beneficial/importance of exposing the child to activities within your community
Importance of enrolling your child in pre-school
Early intervention at home and in pre-school
Raising a child with autism and raising awareness to police/firefighters/and other first responders in order to ensure safety
Looking past the diagnosis and focusing on growth/life skills and safety
Benefits of a stimulating environment (auditory, visual, tactile)
Advocating for your child in terms of transitional services/planning (job coaching)
Sensory friendly clothing/ and other modifications