21. June 2021 - 12:00 till 19:00
Berlin, Berlin
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Intensive Course: Urban Agricultural and Sustainable Cities | Monday, 21. June 2021

''Training for Capacity Building to Design and Implement Urban Agricultural Entrepreneurship for Urban Food Security, Economic Diversifications and Sustainable Cities''

Course Aim & Output: This interdisciplinary training course will enable students (with all educational and professional background) to learn about the essential factors involved for the development of structure of urban and peri-urban agricultural/horticulture-business model and management practice. This will be done through a case study from relevant agricultural/horticulture business firms (gardens) and associations in program host city (list of case-study based confirmed firms/gardens in host city will be available soon).

In the case study students will learn about business planning, economy and marketing strategies of the urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and businesses. Students will visit businesses involved in some locations in program-host city, urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and will discuss with key persons. They will also visit urban gardening events and will meet involved-groups for developing broader business concepts and practical knowledge (dates will be available to students). Students will explore the business models, steps, conditions and regulations those were considered and applied for urban agricultural/horticulture project development in Berlin.

One of the key elements of urban agricultural/horticulture-business marketing is the water and wastewater use regulations of urban agricultural/horticulture with emphasizing of sustainability and climate change adaptation. Thus, student will also explore the regulations/EU standards behind the development urban agricultural/horticulture-business service quality provided by the firms (gardens) they will visit. Based on the experiences from the case study and field visit, students now will design similar/ or new urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and business plan for a case of their choice. Finally, students will write a short report and will present their results.

Output Skills & Experience:

Through this intensive training course, student will learn the specific problems, challenges and opportunities of urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and businesses. They will also have:

1) the insight into the urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and business processes in specific firm/garden circumstances (from case study and gardens/firms visit in Berlin),

2) understanding the main steps of urban agricultural/horticulture gardening and business project development which are: Project identification (focusing on topic that best fit in the context by not only with the name but also with potential opportunity of economic diversification) and project definition, then project planning and implementation through intensive surveys and investigations, and finally project completion (including production of final report together with reports in all phases).

Certificate: Internationally recognized certificate will be issued to the attendees.