17. August 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Kohpi & Co. | Arm Knitting | 1/55D Turner Street | Saturday, 17. August 2019

Arm Knitting
Winter is STILL here so why not get warm and fuzzy with wool and the gang?!

If you already know how to knit using needles, then picking up the art of arm knitting will be a cinch. It’s very nearly the same process, except that your arms stand in for the needles and every step is super-sized!
If you’re brand new to knitting, a quick arm-knit project, making a COWL, will help build your crafting confidence
What you'll get
- The pattern and 3 ***** of chunky wool 
- A handmade wool cowl, the pattern and any unused wool
What to bring
- yourself and sleeves that can be rolled up so you can knit without anything getting caught up

About the Artisan
Sue is a wife, a mum of 2 grown children, a Nanna to 1. She loves knitting and crochet so much she carries them in her pocket for a sneaky knit!

NB | Classes are limited to 20 students & require a minimum of 5 participants to proceed. You will be contacted should enrolments not meet the minimum required number & a transfer to a refund will be offered.