24. June 2017 - 10:30 till 16:30
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Bradford VEGAN Festival | Bradford City FC | Saturday, 24. June 2017

Bradford Vegan Festival 2017 will take place on Saturday 24th June 2017 at Bradford City Football Club from 10:30am - 4:30pm.

There will be endless amount of free samples, discounts, food tasting, vegan food stalls including chocolate, cheese, cakes, takeaway food, animal sanctuaries, clothing and so much more.

There will also be some fabulous talks and demos on from some amazing people and businesses. You can find out more information about these on our website at

Admission is just £2 for adults and £1 for children. Under 5's and carers go free this price includes entry into all speaker presentations and workshops.

For information about exhibiting, speaking, sponsoring the festival, volunteering on the day or anything else please email enquiries@

  • Wow these look amazing!! Come along on saturday to see all this and more.. veganfestival.co.uk
  • LAST DAY TO VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE VEGAN PRODUCT / BUSINESS: http://veganfestival.co.uk/awards/
  • Talks & Workshops: 11.30am - Fiona Oakes 1pm - Elizabeth King Workshop - 10 Steps to going vegan 2.15pm - Barefoot & Whipless - Pedal spring song book 3.15pm - Hanna Sillitoe Hanna Sillitoe - Radiant
  • Any chance well behaved dogs would be allowed? X
  • Come along and try some amazing marshmallows by Ananda Foods and so much more this SATURDAY at Bradford VEGAN Festival held at Bradford football club. Tickets online at veganfestival.co.uk OR on Entry. See you all saturday!
  • 5 DAYS TO GO!! Who's Excited?? You can purchase tickets online at veganfestival.co.uk OR on entry! Only £2 for adults and £1 for children. Under 5's FREE
  • Where is parking please? Thanks
  • 1 WEEK TO GO!! Bradford's very first vegan festival. Please help us and show your support as much as you can. If you can let all your friends and family know. Saturday 24th June at Bradford football club. 10.30 till 4.30pm. Tickets online at veganfestival.co.uk OR on entry!
  • Hi is there free parking please, at the event? Thank you
  • Norwex is looking forward to helping you reduce the chemicals in your home and improve your quality of life ..... we're recruiting in your area too. Come and check us out!
  • Hands up who is coming on the 24th for some amazing food!! Veganfestival.co.uk
  • Sounds great! Wish I could go, thanks for the invite from the USA <3 #GoVeganWorld
  • Set times please?
  • Countdown to Bradford VEGAN Festival on 24th June 2017
  • http://veganfestival.co.uk/countdown-to-bradford-vegan-festival-2017/
  • We have some amazing news for the very first Bradford VEGAN Festival on 24th June 2017. The amazing Fiona Oakes will be joining us not only for a fantastic talk but she will also have a stall with her sanctuary Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary where you can meet her and chat before and after her talk. Tickets available online at veganfestival.co.uk OR on entry. See you all soon <3
  • Hi, how much are stalls?? **
  • Anyone who would be interested in a speaking slot at Bradford Vegan Festival on 24th June please inbox us or email enquiries@veganfestival.co.uk
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/1126976910779738/
  • Vegan Awards 2017 will be announced at Bradford Vegan Festival - Vote HERE: http://veganfestival.co.uk/awards/
  • We are offering FREE Sponsorship to local animal groups/charities to help them gain publicity and make more awareness! Please nominate a charity you would like us to help below.
  • If anyone would be interested in handing out flyers/posters for our upcoming event in Bradford and surrounding areas please get in touch ASAP. Free entry into festival for helping! Please inbox us or email us on enquiries@veganfestival.co.uk
  • This is during Ramadan. So many missed conversion opportunities
  • Hiya - are you in need of any volunteers? I have worked 3 vegan fests in Manchester on the doors, hot dog stalls, litter etc and would be happy to help!
  • Looking forward to exhibiting at our first ever festival with lots of vegan and gluten free munchies for all of you super special foodies! www.facebook.com/coolbeanskitchen