01. August 2020 - 8:00 till 10:00
Dowse Lagoon Reserve, Brighton
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Citizen Science Project for Bird Watchers | Saturday, 01. August 2020


KSBA wants to enhance the bird habitat value of Dowse Lagoon, Sandgate. We need to learn more about how different bird species use the lagoon and surrounding vegetation for feeding, breeding and roosting throughout the year. Birds Queensland is helping us with the science.

Who can help?

¨ People with experience in identifying birds, including by their calls.

¨ Photographers who can record the locations in which the birds are observed.

¨ Recorders who can keep a record of birds observed.

Anyone with some experience in identifying birds is most welcome, but it is best to have at least one in the group with good skills, including knowing bird calls. The group can be 2-6 and can include a few novices as well, so long as there is one skilled in ID and bird calls.

What will you do?

¨ Visit Dowse Lagoon at regular intervals (once a month/every second month), preferably with others to observe birds and take photos at pre-determined locations around the lagoon. (Less experienced people can team with more experienced people.)

¨ Record your observations on paper or a phone app

¨ Send your observations and photos to David Niland from Birds Queensland.

Want to know more?

¨ Come to an orientation at Dowse Lagoon, Saturday 1st August at 7.30am. (There will be space for social distancing.)

¨ RSVP by emailing email to get the location of the orientation.

Love to be involved but can’t make it on the day?

Contact David Niland email