15. August 2019 - 17:45 till 20:30
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AWS Brisbane User Group - August 2019 | | Thursday, 15. August 2019

Come and join your AWSome peers at the Brisbane AWS User Group Meetup! Make sure to RSVP ASAP to avoid any disappointment. Please arrive from 5:45pm for a sharp 6:00pm start. Talks followed by networking, food and drinks!
Here's the speaker lineup:
•• AWS Release Recap ••
We will go through the AWS release highlights since the last AWS User Group. 
•• How the CloudWatch Event Bus supercharged your CloudTrail. ••
>> Presented by Elliott Spira, CTO @ GorillaStack
CloudTrail data is incredibly valuable, providing insight into all changes in your AWS Environment. Prior to the creation of the CloudWatch Events Bus, consuming these events was slow, cumbersome and unresponsive. Since it's creation, a self-healing, event driven cloud environment is a reality just a few steps away.
We'll explore event driven architectures, some open source solutions leveraging the event bus and what you can do to start responding to changes in your environment in real-time.
•• To SQL or NoSQL!? That is the query... ••
>> Presented by Mike Bentzen, Solutions Architect @ Idea11
Today's applications have more demanding data requirements than ever before. Scaling and fault tolerance shouldn't be an afterthought. Databases are one of the most important components of your applications.
In this presentation, Mike will talk about relational databases and DynamoDB.
Have you ever wondered why you should consider using DynamoDB over an RDBMS?How you should designing and building with DynamoDB?What are the use cases for DynamoDB?How you can get started using DynamoDB?
•• IMPORTANT ••This event will be subject to a strict RSVP policy. Please make sure to RSVP ASAP to avoid any disappointment.