17. July 2019 - 17:00 till 19:30
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Brain Hack 2019 | 155 Queen St | Wednesday, 17. July 2019

After the huge success of the inaugural Brain Hack event in July last year, the team at The Open Mind Institute are back! Bringing together experts in neuroscience, psychology and leadership to bring you the ultimate hackathon event in personal development & mental enhancement: ‘Brain Hack 2019’!
#BrainHack19 is going to be a culmination of exciting speakers, interactive learning exercises, networking and fun activities to give attendees the resources to get the most out of themselves and others.
The Speakers:
Dr Diane Harner will be drawing upon her experience as a Neuroscientist to discuss subconscious habits of thought, such as self-doubt, procrastination and perfectionism, which get in the way of goal pursuit.
Jordan Reutas combines his expertise as an Organisational Psychologist and leadership scientist to introduce the new psychology of leadership. He will briefly summarise his latest research in this area before offering evidence based strategies to shift our understanding of how leaders can influence and mobilise a collective.
Paul Pitsaras the founder and managing director at TOMI, will be hosting the event and will be sharing some of the most powerful tools TOMI has been using with its clients, such as emotional/ social intelligence, to achieve optimal mental wellbeing and performance.
As an interactive mindscape event #BrainHack19 will also seek to utilise audience participation to arrive at suggestions/ solutions to some of the most pressing wellbeing concerns facing individuals & organisational teams.
The Issues (to be hacked):

What are the most effective ways to create psychological safety within my workplace, where mistakes are okay and disclosure of personal information will not result in negative ramifications?
What measures can we as leaders take to better understand our teams and can implement to bring our team together?
How can I create and sustain the change that is necessary within me and within my work/ life environment to give rise to optimal wellbeing & performance?

The Format:
Whilst this event is aimed at leaders/ managers across professional services, to arm them with some of the most credible & contemporary processes, to in turn empower their own teams, it's open to anyone who is engaged, affected or curious about ways to optimise their performance and mental wellbeing.
After presentations from our experts, we’re going to discuss and look at the issues above to harness our collective experience and knowledge to arrive at creative and effective suggestions/ solutions, that we can take away and implement.
The Agenda:

5pm:  Guests arrive, register, network over drinks & light refreshments;
5:30:  Introduction to BrainHack19 by Paul;
Dr Diane Harner addresses habits of thinking that cause mental road blocks and offers key strategies to                  circumvent them;
Jordan Reutas introduces the ‘new psychology of leadership’ and provides practical tools for leaders and                managers to become more empathetic and effective.
Paul Pitsaras will discuss how emotional & social intelligence can be harnessed to advance positive mental wellbeing and performance.
Looking at the issues - audience use discussion and technology platform to identify the central wellbeing / performance issues to be tackled or 'hacked';
Attendees, together with the experts, will seek to arrive at suggestions and solutions to the key issues by                partaking in the separate BrainHack workstations;
Groups come together to pitch their suggestions/ solutions;
Q&A, evening wrap-up & networking.
7:30pm: BrainHack19 concludes.

The Host:
The Open Mind Institute is a leading mental enhancement training, coaching and team-building organisation based in Brisbane's CBD. It was founded and is managed by Paul Pitsaras who is a positive psychology & mental health advocate, impassioned speaker and status quo disrupter. 
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
As there will alcohol served, we advise that the minimum age for this event is 18 years.
What should I bring to the event?
Yourself and your preference/ answers to 'The Issues' above. If you have other topics/ issues relating to mental wellbeing, leadership and/or performance, please email us at: