02. October 2019 - 9:00 till 16:00
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Coaching Mastery Workshop | Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand | Wednesday, 02. October 2019

Coaching mastery is a one-day program which enhances the coaching and mentoring capability that leaders require to transform their teams.
Effective coaching can shift individuals and teams from ticking boxes towards being more cohesive, curious and collaborative.
People who put on their thinking caps and are eager to solve problems rather than complain that the process doesn't work are the result of leaders who have mastered the art of coaching.
Throughout the session, attendees will be participating in an engaging, practical and interactive learning experience where they’ll dig deep into the science of human behaviour, as well as non-verbal and advanced communication techniques.
Your leaders will then be able to come back into your business with the tools to have more effective conversations that help their teams engage, as well as see more progress and success in their work. 
-       Reduce time and effort to deliver outcomes
-       Generate motivation for every task and goal
-       Establish strategies to keep your team on track
-       Engage to change, make progress and deal with roadblocks
Coaching Mastery could be the catalyst your leaders need to bring greater productivity, focus and conversations to your company if you choose to rise to the challenge.