21. November 2019 - 9:00 till 16:30
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Dealing with the Tough Stuff - One Day Workshop | Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand | Thursday, 21. November 2019

Know what separates a struggling business from a thriving one? It might not be what you’re thinking… Through a bit of science and a lot of research, we know it’s the ability to have tough conversations successfully.
High-performance teams are able to have robust conversations where they hold each other accountable to key behaviours, while at the same time, completely respecting the individual.
During our one-day Dealing with the Tough Stuff workshop you’ll learn the science of human behaviour, non-verbals and advanced communication techniques that will help you: 

Craft behaviour modification strategies

Depersonalise tough feedback

Uncover some root causes of difficult behaviour

Avoid the language that causes conflict

Help you get clear with your requests

Uncover the best way to be assertive in any situation. 

If you want to stop avoiding situations, take courage and say ‘enough is enough’, this workshop is for you. Dealing with the Tough Stuff can show you how to not only survive the tough conversations but thrive within them.
Take your leadership capability to the next level and nab yourself a ticket before they’re gone.