23. August 2019 - 17:00 till 19:00
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J Valenzuela Didi - 'Echoes of a Still Life' Exhibition Opening | Lethbridge Gallery | Friday, 23. August 2019

J Valenzuela Didi uses urban spaces and metropolitan landscapes to explore the transience of life. In his latest exhibition, ‘Echoes of a still life’, ageing houses, forgotten factories, traffic lights, clotheslines and fences transform into hallowed monuments deifying our isolation and impermanence.“In this modern world I can’t help but feel like a detached observer, confronted by recollections of past and present. Memories that appear as dreams of reality. Hazy illusions of life. In these memories, signposts of human existence emerge as shrines that pay tribute to the passing of time.” – J Valenzuela Didi