01. October 2019 - 8:30
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The Art of Conflict Resolution in Business: Brisbane (1-2 October 2019) | Brisbane | Tuesday, 01. October 2019

For more course details go to: www.jamienuich.com/disputediagnostics
You will gain:

100 Powerful Mental Devices and Tools of Persuasion to use in any conflict, from local office disputes to larger-scale settlement negotiations
Litigation-proof shields to protect yourself against big legal battles (and legal bills) with these ex-litigator tips & tricks
Real-world lessons from litigation, politics, military history, high-stakes negotiations and much more
Advanced strategies not covered in the Harvard Negotiation Program (5x the price!)
Certificate of diplomacy in business conflicts, also certifying your place number out of 5,000 globally and the seminar's never to be shared again
The cost of the seminar at your next negotiation, using just one technique. If you use a few techniques in your next year of business, you can EASILY earn back 10x the seminar cost.

You will learn:

the split second tricks that bend the rules of the game
the negotiation skills of state leaders, barristers and CEOs
to get your way out of any dispute without a team of lawyers or dirty tricks
to save thousands of dollars in single negotiations

Three ways to get a spot:

BUY a Gold-Pass Ticket Now (limit 10 per session) at a fixed price BEFORE 31 JULY 2019. Full course details will only be shared with successful gold-pass students.
Get a FREE Shortlist Ticket. Tickets then released between 31 July 2019 and 15 August 2019 based on vacancy and price. You will then have 48 hours to accept an offer if you want to join the course. Full course details will only be shared with confirmed applicants.
Lucky Last Tickets (Get in Last Minute When Quota Sold Out) - 10 lucky tickets still for sale until day before conference.

Try it risk-free. I know this course is head-and-shoulders above the rest that I can personally guarantee it. So you can be the judge! If you make the shortlist, give it a serious go, and if by lunch on the first day you are not blown away by how life-changing this system will be for you and your business, then you can leave with a FULL refund, no hard feelings. At the very least, it's a free coffee and a few hours of your morning learning new research and insights on managing conflict.
For more course details go to: www.jamienuich.com/disputediagnostics