20. March 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Ed Sheeran - Brisbane Suncorp Stadium Australia | Suncorp Stadium | Tuesday, 20. March 2018

Ed Sheeran announces extra tour dates for his ÷ World Tour. He will tour seven stadium shows across Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets available here:
❖ tinyurl.com/Ed-Sheeran-20-Mar-Brisbane
❖ goo.gl/csscBL

Tues 16 May - 1pm local time
Ticket limit of 4 per purchaser, per show

Tues 23 May - 2pm local time
Ticket limit of 6 per purchaser, per show

General Admission (Front Standing) | $166.80
General Admission (Rear Standing) | $105.75
A-Reserved Seating | $166.80
B-Reserved Seating | $105.75
C-Reserved Seating | $75.20
  • If anyone is selling one GA front ticket for 20th march @ Brisbane please let me know thank you!!!!
  • ... We hear whispers ... www.facebook.com/events/336911916729033
  • I can offer 2 A reserve elevated seats for Harry Styles in exchange for 2 seated Ed Sheeran if anyone wants a swap. If not I will pay honest prices.
  • Looking for two honestly priced seated Brisbane tickets. Was timed out during the purchase phase and can't afford any of the "other" sites selling them.
  • Ticketek stuff yout ticket sales - chose alternative next time
  • **** EXTRA TICKETS TO BE RELEASED! **** Frontier Touring has announced that new tickets will go on sale at 4pm AEST on Thursday 1 June.
  • To anyone who missed out!!
  • If anyone is selling 2 tickets anywhere for the sydney shows please let me know. Very interested thanks
  • Would anyone like to swap tickets? I have 2x B reserve tickets that are in seperate seats (they are in two different sections but right next to each other)
  • How is the stadium going to ensure weapons and explosives do not pass through the gates for this show?
  • anyone want to sell 2 A or B reserved tickets?
  • Didn't get tickets :( if anyone is selling GA Standing x2 tickets to any Brisbane show please let me know **
  • Does anyone have 2x A reserve grandstand and want to swap for my 2x GA front standing?
  • Im sick of seeing this!
  • Need 1 front standing! Someone sell one to me PLEASE
  • Jodi, did you get tickets? I waited for 3 hours, no tickets, page is still going round & round....seriously??? . not happy at all :( **** it so disappointed. Disappointed for the kids too, they really wanted to go.ggggrrrrrrrr
  • Been logged in since 1.15pm, still nothing ... SO UPSET 😭
  • Been here since tickets got released today and still no luck 😩
  • After waiting 5+ hours I finally got my ticket!! 😍
  • Does anyone have a picture of the seating my brother got 2 front standing tickets I just wanna see where I'll be **
  • absolutely pissed off with this whole stressful event would like to contact Ed Sheeran himself! no tickets after 2 wasted afternoons never before have I ever encounter anything like this !! so disappointing!!!! Have been to many many concerts over the years and never had this disappointment!
  • Looking for 2 tickets!! Must be next to each other
  • anyone selling a front standing ticket for the 21st??
  • Try using your phones guys. I was on for a few hours on the PC and couldn't get through. I got through over 10 times with my phone...
  • Got 3 Front Standing using the computer