21. March 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Ed Sheeran - Brisbane Suncorp Stadium Australia | Suncorp Stadium | Wednesday, 21. March 2018


Ed Sheeran announces extra tour dates for his ÷ World Tour. He will tour seven stadium shows across Australia and New Zealand.

Tickets available here:
❖ tinyurl.com/Ed-Sheeran-21-Mar-Brisbane
❖ goo.gl/csscBL

Tues 23 May - 2pm local time

General Admission (Front Standing) | $166.80
General Admission (Rear Standing) | $105.75
A-Reserved Seating | $166.80
B-Reserved Seating | $105.75
C-Reserved Seating | $75.20
  • Hello fellow fans. I am in a bit of a strange situation and wondering if anyone out there in Facebook land can help me? I have 4 tickets for me and my friends to the Ed Sheeran concert on Tuesday 20th at Suncorp but unfortunately I was not able to get 4 tickets together. My friends are really bummed and so am I! What I am wondering is, if anyone has seat numbers next to or near ours maybe we could just swap seats with you when we get there on the night? Especially if you are going by yourself anyway? I have some very good seats that I would be happy to swap for worse seats if I could sit with my friends! If you or anyone you know have seats next to the following ticket numbers please reply to this post. I do not want any money. I just want to sit with my friends. Thank you! The seats are: Section 602, Row 77, Seat 39 Section 519, Row 47, Seat 39 Section 301, Row 9, Seat 62 Section 319, Row 24, Seat 45
  • Hi, I wanna buy tow tickets for Wednesday.😊
  • ... We hear whispers ... www.facebook.com/events/336911916729033
  • Where to buy the tickets? I clicked on the link but i cant find the event. Im interested for ed sheeran brisbane show
  • Thank you so very much for my ticket .Can't wait love you.
  • Well all I'm going to say is I'm so excited!!
  • Anyone have tickets for sale need 3 please
  • So excited my son got me tickets for a late mothers day present.happiest mother right here.come on march:)
  • **** EXTRA TICKETS TO BE RELEASED! **** Frontier Touring has announced that new tickets will go on sale at 4pm AEST on Thursday 1 June.
  • looking for 4-5 seated tickets to either night please thanks
  • Looking for 4 tickets please Brisbane 20th March 2018.
  • looking for 2 standing tickets any night 😻
  • Looking for 2 tickets in the seated section.
  • Looking to buy 2 tickets Asap! Inbox me please
  • Looking to buy 1 standing back section ticket for Tuesday night if anyone has a spare to sell. 😊
  • woohoo - ladies you can change that status to 'GOING!' Colleen Blignaut & Keren Simpson .... good to see yours changed Sally Stessl!! so excited!
  • So stoked got tickets 👍😊Michelle is so happy . We tease her cause she calls him Egg Sheeran
  • Anyone selling tickets?? Need 2-4 please
  • Anybody selling any Ed sheerin tickets. Needing 2 for Brisbane concert
  • Anyone selling GA standing back? Only need one ticket!!
  • Sean Gabbett..... corrected ✅
  • I somehow got a reserve tickets I screamed
  • SINGLE SEATERS LOOKING FOR A SWAP: Does anyone have a single seat in A Res section 640 that they'd be willing to swap for a single seat in A Res section 602? My family have already got 2 single seats in 640 and are hoping to get all 3 of our single seats at least in the same section! Would be willing to pay extra as 602 is slightly further back than 640. Thanks!
  • I sat on line for ages aswell from before 2 but couldn't get through either
  • Who's the best mum ever, Alanna??