08. December 2017 - 18:30
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The Enchanted Garden | Roma Street Parkland | Friday, 08. December 2017

Let your festive spirit come alive at Roma Street Parkland!

Enjoy the most magical time of the year when Christmas in Brisbane returns to Roma Street Parkland. From the 8-17 December between 6:30pm-9:30pm you can experience the majestic, twinkling lights entwined throughout the Enchanted Garden, which is bound to make you feel festive. This truly unique offering is not to be missed!

The Enchanted Garden is located in the Spectacle Garden and is part of Brisbane's free Christmas program. To see the full program and plan your visit, head to the official Christmas homepage, visitbrisbane.com.au/christmas. Make sure you share your event experience using #christmasinbrisbane.

Due to the popularity of The Enchanted Garden, we are staggering admittance into this event to ensure patron enjoyment. Unfortunately, this is resulting in waiting times of up to 2 hours (average wait time is 1 hr).

We wish to thank you for your patience and encourage you to be prepared for this wait.

Toilet facilities, BBQ’, café Milange and a selection of Food Trucks are available on site to enhance your visitor experience.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any updates regarding wait times at the Enchanted Garden and to view our other exciting Christmas program offerings at Roma Street Parkland, South Bank Parklands and the City.
  • Save your time (some folks were in line on a tues afternoon since 4 4.30 for a 6.30 shuffle in). You can see alot of it from outside. And to be honest. I thought it was rediculously overated. The gardens are always lovely and you set static lighting up reasonably well. And some tacky led strips and an enchanted garden made. Save time. If you want awe go to some of the xmas light displays people are doing this year. Phenominal!
  • Thank you for a beautiful nighttime garden experience last night. Staff and entertainment were lovely. The garden was truly enchanting! Review for new visitors: We are a family of 4 with a 5yo & 3yo. We aimed to get there early (5.30) but ended up getting to the gardens around 6pm. Spoke to the people at the start of the line and they had been camped out since 4pm (fyi!). If you have at least two adults so someone can wait in line, there's a good playground, food trucks and amenities nearby. The line was already halfway around the grassed area at 6pm. We decided to walk around the perimeter and look at the gardens from the bridges. Just that alone was beautiful. By 6.30pm the line was looping completely around the grassed area. We then walked into the city for dinner and to watch the City Hall lights. By the time we came back at 9pm, the line was almost empty. Staff warned everyone that we may not make it through but we thought we would try our luck anyway, and if we didn't, we'd walk around the outside again (now that it was actually dark!). Luckily, we managed to get through in the last group. It was much quicker going back later, although you do risk the chance of not getting in. It is really worth seeing if you can. Especially for kids who believe in fairies and magic!
  • Had a brilliant evening at the enchanted gardens. Thank you for putting on a free event that my 7 year old absolutely loved 💜
  • Although the gardens were beautiful, the wait time in the ***** was ridiculous...2 hours just to get in, then shuffled around the gardens as we were all squashed in...on the way out we realised you could pretty much see it all if you walked around outside the gates...very frustrating experience to be honest...wouldn't recommend!!!
  • Update: The current wait time is just over 45 minutes so we have had to close off the line for tonight to ensure we can get everyone in before we close. We will be back tomorrow night from 6:30pm 😊
  • Is it worth coming out there now?
  • 2 hours waiting? Perhaps they can hire some smart people to organise this better.
  • Update: current wait time is around 1hr 45mins. Thanks for your patience 😊
  • Where are the food trucks located?
  • How are the line ups going today ?
  • When exiting the Enchanted Garden tonight, keep an eye out for the large pink fundraising pot which we are collecting donations for the Children's Hospital Foundation. Any donations, no matter how big or small, will be greatly appreciated 😀
  • If you’re going to put on event like this you really should answer your phone and/or return your voice mail messages. We’ve been trying for 2 days to contact someone about likely issues with wheelchair access and haven’t been able to reach anyone for further information. Very disappointing. There’s going to be one very disappointed 92 year old lady if we have to turn around and take her back home tonight!
  • Is there any time limit on stay within the Enchanted Garden once you are in?
  • Kerri
  • OK so how have the line-ups been on weeknights? We were there on Sunday night and gave up...
  • Chelsea Beth
  • Hi, what is the estimated wait time if we arrive at 6pm on Thursday night? Thanks
  • Joy Cardwell are you keen for this? Wednesday night?
  • Update: It is only currently a 25-30 minute wait for the Garden. The last entry is at 9:20pm. We hope you have all had a great night! 😊
  • If we get there around 5ish tomorrow night will we have a good chance of getting in?? Anyone know from experience?? Many thanks
  • Lucille Everett what you doing Saturday night. Would you be interested in going to see the Enchanted Garden?
  • Update: The current wait time has now been reduced to approx. 60mins 👍 Thank you for your patience!
  • We just drove from the gold coast so excited but couldnt do a two hour wait as we have a child with autism spectrum disorder who cant que for that long Is there ever a night designed just for kids with disabilities and their families? Thankyou
  • Update: It looks like we have a current wait time of approx. 2 hours for the Enchanted Garden. We greatly appreciate your patience as we get everyone through at a safe speed 😁If you are unable to stick around, make sure to check out the awesome views of the garden from the Hub!