16. July 2020 - 5:30 till 8:30
Opalesque Dance, Brisbane
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Fusion Belly Dance with Donna Zakura | Thursday, 16. July 2020

Fusion Belly Dance draws influence from many dance forms such as Raqs Sharqi, FCBD Style, Classical Indian dance, Flamenco, Hip Hop and contemporary. In these classes you will learn techniques from these different styles that have been synchronised together to build alluring and hypnotic dance.

Fusion Belly Dance is fun and enjoyable and works many elements of the body for fitness and mindfulness. In this series of classes we will:

? Work on building muscle memory with fundamental movements and layering to each individual ability

? Build on core strength, quad strength and hip flexibility

? Learn short motifs to different styles of music

? Learn a choreography

? Find your natural ability to improvise and flow.

? CLASSES BEGIN THURSDAY JULY 16th - 7:30-8:30pm?

This term will run for 8 weeks. Every Thursday night. The full term is $160 but drop ins are welcome for $25 per class.

It is recommended some dance experience for this class but It is open level, which means we will work on some fundamental movement and add on top of it. You can choose where you feel comfortable. For more experienced students we add extra movement or double time. ;)

⭐️About Your Teacher⭐️

Donna Zakura has devoted her life to dance. Performing and teaching from a young age. A master in a fusion of dance techniques, Donna combines the art of many cultural dances with Bellydance. Donna studied a diploma in Dance Professional Practice and then went onto Surrey University in England where she studied a BA in Dance and Culture. Trained in styles of Contemporary, Kathak, Bharatnatym, Flamenco, African dance, Tai chi, whirling and body popping.

After University Donna choreographed and starred for the punk band "A Whilhelm Scream" music video and taught Hip hop dance. After falling in love with Fusion Bellydance 10 years ago Donna has trained with Fusion Belly Dancers Rachel Brice, Sharon Kahira, Carolena Nericcio, Ashley Lopez, Alice Knox. More recently she collaborated with Desert Dwellers, Clozee, Sixis and more amazing DJ's from around the world, as well as perform with Dark Nile and Wild Lotus Project at numerous festivals.

In the last few years Donna has studied Somatic Dance and Movement Therapy which combines Laban Theory of movement giving more understanding to what is happening in your body as you move physically and emotionally. Donna enjoys studying the history of dance, especially the roots of Belly Dance and its natural healing for women.

Shoot Donna a PM or email email with any questions or to secure your place