18. February 2020 - 9:00 till 13:00
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Gamechanger Marketing Masterclass - Brisbane | Tattersall's Club | Tuesday, 18. February 2020

Everyone knows that winning in business depends on winning at marketing...
Without good marketing, you don’t have a hope!
But marketing is so hit and miss - there are SO many tools and SO many platforms - even seasoned entrepreneurs find it confusing and overwhelming...
Just to be ‘online’ anymore...
You have to have great video.
And you have to stand out on social media.
But looking good on camera is really hard!That’s why movie stars get paid millions of dollars.
And trying to stand out on social - is like a grain of sand trying to stand out in the desert!
Here’s the thing…
Good marketing is strategic - that means having a real plan... but...

How do plan a high-impact video marketing campaign...!?

What are the steps to building an engaged community…!?

How exactly does your marketing efforts lead to greater sales conversions...!?

Gamechanger Marketing Masterclass
Join the special Gamechanger Marketing Masterclass where you will discover the 4C Marketing Model...
Learn the proven system that empowers you to have the IMPACT, INFLUENCE & INCOME you need to grow your business into the fun and rewarding lifestyle that you truly desire and deserve. 
Click here for a quick video intro...


Who’s it for
This special workshop is exclusively for purpose-centred entrepreneurs...

You are in business to make money AND make a difference

You are fed up with ineffective and outdated strategies

You've had enough of overly complicated systems

Want a solid strategy, actionable steps and detailed templates you can use

You are committed to having a massive positive impact through your business


Discover the most powerful strategies to...

Reach more Minds

Touch more Hearts

Inspire more Action

What you’ll learn
This is the ONLY time I publically share the exact strategies that we use to build big brands fast, so you can take them and apply them in your small business to get a tangible bottom-line result now!
I'm not going to hold back - you'll get the entire 4C marketing model that we use, complete with templates and examples, all laid out, step-by-step exactly how to do it... 


What is the 4C  Marketing Model 
Discover how the proven 4C Marketing Model works for entrepreneurs like you...

Precision Planning: CLARITY is the essential foundation of predictable success. CLARITY comes from the right training, support and precision planning.
Presentation & Production: Quality online CONTENT allows more of the right people to KNOW YOU. Reach more minds and increase your IMPACT with excellent CONTENT.
Publication & Promotion: A thriving COMMUNITY means more of the right people LIKE YOU (maybe even click ‘Like’). Touch more hearts and increase your INFLUENCE with a thriving online Community.
Performance & Profit: Sales CONVERSION improves as more of the right people TRUST YOU. Inspire more action and increase your INCOME with Elegant Sales Conversion System.

“Gamechanger Marketing Masterclass has changed the game of marketing for Gamechangers Like YOU!”

Register now and come away knowing exactly how to massively increase your IMPACT, INFLUENCE and INCOME for good!


About me
Patrick JR Woodcraft
Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Synergy Campaigns

As a father of 3 amazing kids, I believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world in better shape than we found it.
Right now, entrepreneurs have a greater opportunity than anyone to shape the future. That’s why as a social entrepreneur and conscious capitalist, everything I do is to inspire entrepreneurs to step up and be the change for good! All my businesses projects and programs are designed with the single purpose of supporting entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable, purpose-centred organisations – successful businesses that make money and make a difference.
Since 2010, I have recruited, trained and managed international marketing and sales teams and led them to generate millions of dollars in new revenue for our high-profile clients. In 2017, I founded Synergy Campaigns, a full-service video production studio and transformational marketing agency that produces the campaigns that purpose-centred entrepreneurs need to reach more minds, touch more hearts and inspire more action.
My primary role now is to use my experience as a media producer (see my 50,000+ views on YouTube) and an international show host (check out eco-living-summit.com and gamechangerproject.org) to design and produce high-impact marketing campaigns for entrepreneurs who are committed to being a change for good and paving the way to a brighter future for generations to come.
Register now, I promise it will be wildly valuable and you'll be so glad you did!

Venues with Values: Why we support COMING SOON...?
Because it's our kind of place!


Oh, and here's what our guests are saying
It was a great event with powerful conversations and connections. It gave me the context needed to re-vision the future I choose to create. Thank You for a great event.
-Peter O'Donnell, Founder; The Note Business
I especially loved the atmosphere of encouragement and inspiration...
-Keith Brewster, Founder; Charities HQ
The best thing was the energy and spirit. I'm so glad I attended it was a truly great presentation. 
Ginny Daniels, Founder; Bloom Ventures
Patrick, I can not thank you enough for an amazing event with outstanding content that led to impactful conversation. Your vision, mission and values are heart-based and this is lacking in so many businesses these days. One of the best events I have ever been to (and I have been to a lot)! 
-Kelly Kingston, Founder; One Purse One Planet

Seats are limited and will sell out!
Book in now for this special event and I'll see you there!
Patrick JR Woodcraft
Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Synergy Campaigns