03. October 2017 - 18:00
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GUF Brisbane - Q4 2017 Android: Netrunner League | Guf Brisbane | Tuesday, 03. October 2017

Games come and games go. In times past GUF Brisbane has run several Living Card Games concurrently in it's Leagues. For the last League however the participants were primarily Android: Netrunner players. As such it made sense for the next League to focus soley on this partiuclar game.

While numbers maybe down for LCG's in general our Tuesday night players are consistant if nothing else and it's great to have such a passionate community continue to play the game they love.

Android: Netrunner has just undergone it's first ROTATION and as such there is no better time to get involved with the game or return to it. A new Core Set will be available soon.

WHAT: GUF Brisbane - Q4 2017 Android: Netrunner League

WHEN: Tuesday October 3rd - Tuesday December 19th (12 Weeks)


!!SPECIAL!! - If you bring a friend who has not participated in a GUF Brisbane League in 2017 you may both sign up for $10 each!


Each week participants are allowed to play a maximum of three 'ranked' games. Participants must declare if the game is 'ranked' for them prior to commencement of play. One, both or neither players can play a 'ranked' game. Participants may choose whom they wish to play and are at no stage forced to play anyone they do not wish to play.

Participants may play matches against non-league players as 'ranked', however they may only do so within reason.

Participants can play a maximum of 20 ranked matches over the course of the League with a limit of three ranked matches on any given evening. This allows for players to catch up or finish early if needed.

League Organisers may prohibit, at their discretion, participants from playing one another for 'ranked' games if it is deemed that an attempt to 'farm' points is taking place.

Particpants are responsible for informing League Organisers of match results and scores, not the other way around. If you do not report your match you will not receive points. We urge you to report your results immediately after every match.

Non-League and/or Casual Players are more than welcome to come down on a Tuesday evening to play games. You do not have to be a part of the League to enjoy LCG's at GUF.

Proxy (Fake, Printed, Photocopied) cards ARE permitted in this League within reason. A couple of 'hard to obtain cards' is perfectly fine, a complete deck is not. If you are unsure, please check with the League Organisers prior to play. Please ensure that all Proxy cards are indistinguishable from the rest of the deck when stacked.

You will only be able to acquire points once you have registered entry into the League. Sadly we cannot retroactively allocate points if you decide to join the League at a later date.

All of this information will be recorded live and visible to all using an online spreadsheet which you can check anytime here -

We urge you to check the sheet regularly to ensure accurate result keeping.

3 x Q4 Android: Netrunner Official Prize Kits.

Specific details of prizes will be updated.

Prizes are drafted out at the end of the League based on standings on the above scoreboards.

WHERE: Guf Brisbane
First Floor 279 - 281
Brunswick Street Mall
Fortitude Valley
Brisbane 4006
07 3162 3135

The store is located very close to the Fortitude Valley train station. For those looking to drive to this event we urge you to book your parking at the 'McWhirters' car park in advance as it's MUCH cheaper. It is recommend to park AFTER 4pm as the cost of parking drops significantly. Check the Living Card Game Brisbane Group regularly for discount codes.

(City - Brisbane, Region - Fortitude Valley, Car Park - McWhirters)