17. July 2019 - 10:00 till 11:00
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IFE Distinguished Visitor Lecture | Bioplastics: plastic without the pollution | Ronny Matzat | QUT Gardens Point | Wednesday, 17. July 2019

Bioplastics: plastic without the pollution
It's no secret that oil-based plastics are bad. Bad for the environment and bad for consumers. The good news is that the emerging bioplastics industry offers environmentally-friendly and healthy alternatives. And the bottom line is that any current petrochemical plastic product can be substituted by a bioplastic. 

This presentation will focus on how bioplastics can transform today's petrochemical plastic industry into a sustainable domain. Co-founder of Biolastics, Ronny Matzat will bust myths on good and bad plastics, and outline current activities and future plans for the bioplastics industry. He will also introduce an award-winning, international range of biopolymers and the diverse products produced from it - from innovative planting systems, to household goods and 3D printing filament.

Ronny Matzat, Co-Founder, Biolastics
Ronny was born in former East Germany and describes himself as a world citizen and creative superhero. Growing up where “sustainability” was a necessity to survive, he developed a broad skill set and a very creative mind. Building and product designer, educator, sustainability advocate, businessman, artist, photographer - Ronny is wearing many hats (literally).
Ronny sees every project as a holistic task and does not believe in dividing design or creativity into subcategories. Everything is connected -people, ideas and objects. To him the key to quality is the quality of the connections he makes.
Gaining his qualifications in architecture, engineering and financial planning in Germany and Australia, Ronny is one of the few young designers who intuitively and holistically designs with environmental principles and knowledge resulting in innovative solutions. His design projects have won awards in innovation and sustainable design and he has been published in journals from Australia to Africa.
Ronny is the founder of DSGN Kartell as well as a co-founder and sustainable design consultant for the Green Building Institute Australia (GBI). As his very latest business endeavour Ronny co-founded biolastics, a company set up to transform today’s plastic industry into a sustainable domain by using bioplastics made from renewable raw material. He is also a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, educating people on the impacts and consequences of climate change, providing solutions with focus on the built environment.

This lecture supports Institute for Future Environments research on Manufacturing with Advanced Materials.