24. February 2020 - 9:30 till 16:30
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QLD Environ Education : Day 1 - Retail | QLD Karstens Conference & Training Centre | Monday, 24. February 2020

Day 1- Retail Range Training - Brisbane, QLD
This is an interactive class that is great for therapists of all levels. Learn the fundamentals of the Environ skin care brand and expand your knowledge on Vitamin A and what it takes for the skin to be healthy and normal.
This class is essential for building the foundation of knowledge to be able to confidently prescribe a basic Environ skin care program for all skin conditions.
TIME: 9.30am- 4.30pmTRAINER: Hanifah Vos VENUE: Karstens Brisbane - 24/215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000PARKING: Secure Parking, Post Office Square (Directly across the road) $30 per day This is an early bird rate - enter between 5am - 9.30am and exit between 2pm - 8pm Must be pre-booked online: http://www.secureparking.com.au/carparks/australia/qld/brisbane/Brisbane%20CBD%20South/post-office-square
We reserve the right to cancel any class at any time. All current attendees will be notified by email and SMS.