14. February 2018 - 19:00 till 23:59
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Rise Against at Riverstage, Brisbane | Riverstage | Wednesday, 14. February 2018

Rise Against will return to rock Australia and New Zealand in February 2018.

The politically-charged, punk four-piece will play seven shows – their biggest headline shows in our countries to date – in celebration of their chart-topping eighth studio album Wolves.

  • Anyone selling tickets? $50 mark. Only 1 needed.
  • Selling a hard copy ticket for $70 if anyone's interested??
  • Selling an e-ticket, $70
  • I have a spare ticket, $50
  • Has anyone got 2 hardcopies for sale??
  • Looking for 1x ticket $70
  • Hey, I've got a hard copy ticket for sale, $80 negotiable, dm me for details.
  • If you accidentally buy an adult ticket for someone who is a junior can they still use it to get in?
  • 1 E-Ticket available
  • I’ve got 2 hard copy tickets for sale. $150 - pick up Sunshine Coast.
  • Is anyone selling hard copy tickets?
  • probably a stupid question but does anyone know if i can still go through the 18+ line and buy alcohol on a junior ticket? (with them being the same price i'm assuming you can, but thought i'd check) bought it off resale and it didn't tell me it was a junior until i saw the ticket.
  • Hi peeps, I’ve got a spare ticket going for $75. Message me if you’re keen!
  • Hey guys, I’ve got 4 tickets that I need to sell. Hit me up if you’re interested 🙂
  • Looking for a 1 x ticket
  • 2x tickets for sale. Down to $150 for both
  • 2x tickets for sale, happy to sell separately
  • Looking for 1 ticket. Hit me up
  • Looking for 1 ticket. Hit me up
  • selling 3 tickets, hubby and i cannot go and our friends have 0 interest
  • Why wednesday night😣😭
  • Karissa Maloney
  • Selling one ticket if anyone is interested?
  • Looking for a ticket, anyone selling?
  • Rory Clayton