02. March 2018 - 11:00 till 18:00
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Opening Day 3/2/2018 | Brooklyn Museum | Friday, 02. March 2018

Opening Day of the record breaking David Bowie Is exhibit, a comprehensive look at the career and life of David Bowie. Hundreds of personal items will be on view, along with videos, films and music. David allowed the Victoria & Albert full access to his costumes, instruments, personal effects, song lyric notebooks and so much more to create this exhibit.

It's been traveling the world since its opening at the V &A in Sept 2013 and it now comes to its final venue.

Tickets are available on the Museum's website, although you may purchase "special " tickets at this site-

PLEASE feel free to post on the FB page and invite your friends to meet-up events here. Let's make this venue the BEST ATTENDED VENUE YET!
  • Natalie Megaro
  • Thanks, Rebecca...I’m going to try and make it up!
  • Cameron Smith Paige Smith
  • Carrie Sparkle- let's go!
  • I've seen it in Barcelona. A must.
  • Tapu Naik 😉
  • Lauren Lavender So when are we going? 😉
  • Kristina maybe worth a trip up?
  • Gwinevere von Ludwig 😉
  • I've got my tickets for opening weekend! I'm going on Sunday! I can't wait!!!!😍
  • Love...
  • I’m going!!
  • Jared Cervantes what you think.
  • Katia & Zen 7 July 17❤
  • Where is the event reminder for other days for this exhibit? I can’t go on March 2. That’s my 50th birthday. I’d like to go another day.
  • I remember see David descend from the ceiling of Radio City Music Hall wearing that black leather jumpsuit with the circular legs to open the Ziggy Stardust and the Spidermen from Mars concert. Feb 14, 1973 fifth row center. David passed out on stage at the end of the set singing Rock n’ Roll *******.
  • Let's Dance!!!!
  • Beatriz Ribeiro​​ let’s go! It will end on July 15th
  • Hey Jason Consoli, what day are you going? We should coordinate everyone and go out after.
  • Thomas J. Madden
  • Jarred Eberhardt they’re ending the exhibit in BK! We should go!
  • I seriously doubt I could go if the opening day is a Friday, but I’d be down for joining people on a weekend to check it out.
  • Robin Helfritch Maratos
  • this deserves to be at MoMA (Manhattan) but I'll take it
  • Denise Lawrence Brown ❤️