02. March 2018 - 11:00 till 18:00
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Opening Day 3/2/2018 | Brooklyn Museum | Friday, 02. March 2018

Opening Day of the record breaking David Bowie Is exhibit, a comprehensive look at the career and life of David Bowie. Hundreds of personal items will be on view, along with videos, films and music. David allowed the Victoria & Albert full access to his costumes, instruments, personal effects, song lyric notebooks and so much more to create this exhibit.

It's been traveling the world since its opening at the V &A in Sept 2013 and it now comes to its final venue.

Tickets are available on the Museum's website, although you may purchase "special " tickets at this site-

PLEASE feel free to post on the FB page and invite your friends to meet-up events here. Let's make this venue the BEST ATTENDED VENUE YET!
  • Looking for extra tickets for opening night! Let me know! **
  • Kee Tee and I are in this film, Christine Browne O'Neill . Didja hear?
  • Sounds key accult bowie a ghost in little nemo.on h o Lou reed and tom petty we banished from the strand now Anna matrix occupy pops by this Christmas daddy.
  • Happy Birthday to me! We'll be there 3/7/18!!!
  • I love Ziggy!
  • Very Interested
  • Does anyone have available tix for the opening night? I’d love to get 2.
  • check out https://www.facebook.com/events/114135472726603/
  • cc: Valerie Lapinski
  • Karen Weiss!!!!
  • Any word on what the exclusive vinyl is for Brooklyn? Any chance of a preorder with ticket purchase?
  • Paul Owens-Troupe
  • Libby - take note!
  • March 9th for us!
  • Sam Given date night!
  • Elle Murray
  • Erum Hussain Ro Abreu
  • Solomon Hedaya
  • Saw it at the V&A in London just after it opened. It’s completely amazing - Bowie is even more of a genius than I knew before. Fantastic collection of stuff, great music, awesome show.
  • Natalie Megaro
  • Thanks, Rebecca...I’m going to try and make it up!
  • Cameron Smith Paige Smith
  • Carrie Sparkle- let's go!
  • I've seen it in Barcelona. A must.