30. July 2020 - 9:30 till 15:30
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Applying the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards Categories 2 & 3 entities (Melbourne) | Marist Centre Melbourne | Thursday, 30. July 2020

This session is intended for those in operational roles across Church entities, those with key safeguarding responsibilities within the scope of their role and those interested in learning more about the Standards and how to improve safeguarding practices within Church entities.
As the name suggests, this session has an operational/implementation focus specific to the needs of Categories 2 & 3 entities whose work may involve incidental or occasional contact with children or who have no contact with children. The workshop includes:

An in-depth look at the seven National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and criteria which Categories 2 & 3 entities need to implement.
Exploring how to create a culture of safeguarding.
Developing strategies and approaches to identify, assess and minimise risk of harm.
Developing a robust and clear Code of Conduct.
Sharing information between Church Authorities and working together to ensure the safty of children.
Responding to concerns, disclosures and allegations of abuse.
Monitoring and reviewing safeguarding performance.

Who should register to attend?
This session is specifically targeted to 'Categories 2 & 3' Church entities.
Category 2 entities are those where the Church Authority has overnance responsibilities for activities and/or ministries that involve contact with children.
Category 3 entities are those where the Church Authority has no governance responsibility nor engagement in activities and/or ministries that work or have contact with children.
If you’re not sure which category your entity belongs to, please give us a call on 1300 603 411 or contact us by email at resources@cpsltd.org.au and we will be happy to talk through this with you.
Participants who would benefit from this workshop inlcude:

Safeguarding coordinators
Chairs of safeguarding committees
Compliance/risk managers

How many representatives should attend?
There is no limit on registrations from any one entity and a group discount is available for 5 or more registrants from the same entity.
How much does it cost?
$380 Per person
$350 Group discount (5 or more) per person
$420 Per person
$390 Group discount (5 or more) per person
Fees outlined above are before GST.

[1] A member refers to Church Authorities who are party to the Members of the Company – Catholic Professional Standards Ltd. As at January 2019, members include a Church Authority who is a member of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (Australian Episcopal Conference for the Roman Catholic Church) or a member of Catholic Religious Australia.

[2] A non-member is any Church Authority or Catholic entity that is not party to the Members of the Company – Catholic Professional Standards Ltd.
Media Disclaimer: As an attendee at a Catholic Professional Standards Limited (CPSL) event, you may appear in photographs, video and audio recordings taken on the day by a CPSL designated person(s). Such media may be used, with discretion, in publications by and for CPSL. To opt out of this arrangement, please advise a facilitator from CPSL on the day, or in writing to CPSL.

CPSL reserves the right to cancel this event in case of an insufficient number of participants. Should the event be cancelled CPSL will notify participants in writing and will refund registration fees in full.
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