15. September 2017 - 10:00
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125 Years of BBPS | Byron Bay Public School | Friday, 15. September 2017

Invite your friends to come Back to the Bay as we celebrate 125 years of Byron Bay Public School!
  • Are you going Ronette Lane??
  • Sorry I can't make it
  • what a fabulous idea and opportunity !
  • Byron Bay article. Thursday 23rd February.
  • Anyone got any photos of the sports and swimming carnivals. Red blue yellow and green ? I was in byron team. I cant even remember what colours went with each team can anyone remember then?
  • Matthew Hadwell Sumarah Ramsay Heidi Helmood Sharon Mcgrath Eban Barnes Chayne Hultgren Kylie Edwards Lauren Fletcher Rachael Goodwin feel free to tag anyone not tagged..
  • OMG. Where did the last 25 years go chook. I was working there for the last one, 100 years.
  • Oh Nicole!! I'm going to be in Melbourne that weekend-I can't make it😢
  • My uncle's are Alan Parry and Raymond Parry I would be honored to bring them!
  • Michele Schneider