23. November 2019 - 9:30 till 12:30
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping) workshop | Campbelltown Colonial Motor Inn | Saturday, 23. November 2019

This is an introductory level workshop that will teach you the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I have studied under multiple teachers and I'm a fully qualified EFT Practitioner. I've helped hundreds of clients. My greatest sucesses have been with childhood trauma, addictions, and OCD.
I've even helped people overcome the fear of flying.I've personally used it for situational anxiety, stress,  fear of public speaking and to rid myself of rat and mice phobias. I no longer scream and jump when something scuttles in the bushes or crosses my path. Don't get me wrong I still dislike them but I took it as far as testing it in a pet store and holding one. If my daughter see's this the answer is still no to owning one. In all my time there has only been one person that this technique has not helped, having said that you do need to want to change, be ready to do the work in order to change and be well hydrated. So bring a bottle of water on the day and be well hydrated upon arrival.
The early bird catches the worm and the discounts, book before 23rd of October to get $5.00 discount and a workbook and gift.
Vip tickets are $60 and gets you a gift bag valued at $30, morning tea and snacks.
Regular tickets are $55 after 23.10.19 
Please be aware that there is a small booking fee on top of the ticket price as I use Eventbrite.
I look forward to seeing you on the day, this technique is transformational and I can't wait to share it with you.