21. November 2019 - 9:00 till 10:30
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EQ Café: Connection (Campbelltown) | Offices of Kelly Partners Suites 1-8 | Thursday, 21. November 2019

EQ Café: Connection

Do you feel connected… to your feelings… to others… to nature… to purpose? Research says connection is declining, and that’s inhibiting our effectiveness and wellbeing. Yet at the same time, we have complex problems that require us to become more connected.  The word “connection” comes from the Latin connectere, to bind together. When we create a connection then move together, and affect one another in powerful ways (intentionally or not).

Join this interactive, powerful “EQ Café” to practice emotional intelligence together, and explore the important topic of connection -- and the Sustainable Development Goals as we “connect” with #MySDGheros project. EQ Cafés are insightful, fun sessions for people curious about emotional intelligence to connect and learn together. 

In this Café we will discover:

What connection means and how it’s affecting us 

How can can use purpose to strengthen connection, and connection to strengthen purpose

How emotions, and emotional intelligence, can help us serve purpose

Who: Anyone interested in learning about and practicing emotional intelligence – the learnable, measurable, scientifically validated skillset we all need to thrive.
What: Free interactive workshop
When: Thursday November 21st, 9:00am-10:30am
Where: Offices of Kelly Partners Suites 1-8, Kellicar Lane, Macarthur Square, 200 Gilchrist Drive, Campbelltown NSW 2560 Australia  
How: Save a space by Registering
Questions: Please email Six Seconds' Network Leader, Evelyn Szumski evelyn@leadingtrainingsolutions.com>