18. September 2019 - 17:45 till 19:00
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Sydney Science Forum - Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations | University of Sydney | Wednesday, 18. September 2019

Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations presented by Dr Celine van Golde, School of Psychology, The University of Sydney
Wrongful convictions can and do happen – it's the unfortunate truth of the legal system. But it’s not just a legal matter; the science of how our brains work plays a big part too.
Our brains can be tricked and draw the wrong conclusion in lots of situations, so when it comes to witnessing a crime, this can influence our recall memory in witness testimonials or our recognition memory in identifying suspects.
Discover how psychological and legal research is being brought together to seek justice for those wrongly convicted, in an innovative project called Not Guilty: the Sydney Exoneration Project.
Dr Celine van Golde, who leads the Not Guilty project, will show how her research on the reliability of witness and victim memory is uncovering the influential effects of factors such as interviewing techniques or characteristics of the crime event.