09. October 2019 - 8:30
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C-Bus Fundamentals Course - CBF34/19C | Schneider Electric | Wednesday, 09. October 2019

The C-Bus Fundamentals course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to work with C-Bus products and become involved with the concept of commercial and residential automation. It is also the first step towards becoming a C-Bus Certified Installer
The C-Bus Fundamentals Course is a pre-requisite for the C-Bus Automation Controller Fundamentals Course.
Formal training time…3 hrs On-Line module followed by 2 days theory/practical.
Primarily for…Electrical Contractors and Apprentices who are required to learn how to perform basic programming of the C-Bus System.
You need to have…A strong electrical or technical background and experience using a PC. 

Objectives and Content
The C-Bus Fundamentals Course will cover the following content:
-  basic C-Bus Principles,-  identifying the different types of C-Bus Hardware,-  programming C-Bus using the C-Bus Toolkit software, and-  basic Fault Finding and Diagnostic Skills.
The C-Bus Fundamentals Course consists of a 3 hr On-Line module followed by 2 days theory/practical. You will be provided access to the On-Line module within 3 business days prior to attending the in-class component of the course, you must complete this module prior to attending the in-class component of the course.

Product Training Pack
A Product Training Pack is available as an optional purchase for the price of $1050.00. The Kit is only available to course attendees on a one per attendee basis.
The Product Training Pack includes: USB PC Interface (5500PCU) x1, 4 Channel Din Rail Universal Dimmer (L55004D2U) x1, Enhanced DLT, White Grid, Ocean Mist (5085EDLW-OM) x 1 and 360 degree Occupancy/Light Level Detector with IR, Surface Mount (5754ODPEIR) x1.