02. September 2019 - 9:00
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Lab Experiment of an Accounting Research | Australian National University | Monday, 02. September 2019

Accounting research not just related to figures and accounts.
An invitation for you to engage in an interesting accounting research experiment. 
Experimental objective:
Our experiment aims to examine whether consistency in the performance ranking information provided by internal awards and relative performance information affects employee performance. As a participant, you are expected to complete the experimental tasks (data entry).
Location and Duration:
The total duration of the experiment is approximately 30 minutes and is expected to be in one of the laboratories on ANU campus. The experiment plans to be conduct from Monday, September 23, 2019 - Friday, October 4, 2019. The exact time will based on participants' registered preference. The exact time and venue for the experiment will be sent to you via email one day prior to the experimental day. 
The remuneration that participants could possibly earn will range from cash $12 to $20.00. You can collect your payment upon the completion of the experiment. If you withdraw from the study during the experiment, no remuneration will be paid to you.
Your name will not be recorded in this study. Pseudonyms (alias) will be used to replace your real names. Your performance in the experiment will not affect your academic results at any courses at ANU.The research has been approved by the Australian National University Human Research Ethics Committee.
If you are interested in this experiment, please register your interest through Eventbrite to get tickets.
To find out more information, please contact Chen Wang by email atchen.wang1@anu.edu.au.