16. October 2019 - 9:30 till 11:30
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Law for Non-Lawyers July - November 2019 | Legal Aid ACT | Wednesday, 16. October 2019

Law for Non-Lawyers
Legal Aid ACT, Community Legal Centres, and other organisations are delivering a range of legal training sessions from July to November 2019.
Following, are details about each session that will be delivered between July to November. Each session will be held on a Wednesday morning, at the same time, and in the same location. 
Time:                     9.30am to 11.30am
Location:              Legal Aid, 2 Allsop Street, Canberra City
Cost:                      FREE. Materials and morning tea included

If you have questions about the training email: community.education@legalaidact.org.au
You are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions.
Please tell us your participation needs.

Wednesday 17 July – Family Violence Orders
This session will cover:

The legal definition of ‘family violence’;

How the court decides whether to make a Family Violence Order;

The process of applying for a Family Violence Order;

How to make referrals to the Domestic Violence and Personal Protection Order Unit at the Magistrates Court; and

How the Family Advocacy Support Service can help your clients.

This session will be delivered by a solicitor at Legal Aid ACT.

Wednesday 7 August - Victims Support ACT
Many people in the ACT have experienced crime in one way or another. People may have experienced crime directly, have witnessed an incident or have been close to someone who has experienced a crime. Victim Support ACT is an independent statutory agency that provides a range of services to assist victims of crime. 
This session will cover:

The work of Victims Support ACT

How Victims Support ACT can assist your clients including counselling; 

ACT Victims of Crime Financial Assistance Scheme; and

Raising a concern with the Victims of Crime Commissioner.

This session will be delivered by Victims Support ACT. 

Wednesday 28 August - Renting Privately 
Many people assume they know the basics of tenancy law and feel comfortable giving advice. However, this friendly advice is often incorrect and can have significant consequences for vulnerable tenants. 
This session will cover:

Types of tenancies; 

Entering a tenancy including condition reports, bonds and pets; 

Your rights during a tenancy including repairs, access and inspections; 

Ending a tenancy; and


This session will be delivered by the Tenants' Union ACT. 

Wednesday 25 September- NDIS
The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a Commonwealth scheme to provide individualised support for eligible people with a permanent and significant disability, their family, and carers. 
This session will cover:

Brief overview of NDIS;

Internal and external review of NDIA decisions; and 

How Legal Aid ACT can assist. 

This session will be delivered by a lawyer from Legal Aid ACT. 

Wednesday 16 October- Child and Youth Protection Services: Part 2
Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS) has a statutory responsibility to support children, young people, and families requiring a care or justice response. This session continues on from the early CYPS presentation on the 8 May 2019. It will discuss in greater detail the CYPS process after receiving a Child Concern Report.
This session will cover:

Decision-making in the Appraisal stage

Early intervention regarding Care Plans

Emergency Action and alternatives

Voluntary Care Agreements

Contact Arrangements

This session will be delivered by Child and Youth Protection Services.

Wednesday 30 October- Gambling and the Law
Australians love a punt and research shows Australians lose around $24 billion to gambling per year - more per capita than any other nation.  For many individuals the fallout of gambling harm is not only financial but can have a devastating impact on health, relationships as well as employment. 
This session will cover:

Understanding the spectrum of gambling harm;

Family law matters; 

Gambling and debt; 

Consumer and credit law; and 

Practical suggestions to improve screening and support for clients impacted by gambling harm. 

This session will be delivered by the ACT Gambling Counselling Service (AGCSS). AGCSS is managed by Relationships Australia Canberra and Region in partnership with Care Inc. 

Wednesday 13 November- Centrelink
Problems with Centrelink can occur in a number of different areas. This session will focus on the legal implications and solutions for commonly occurring problems experienced by clients.
This session will cover:

Overview of Social Security system – key payments and principles;

What do if payments are cut off, reduced, cancelled or suspended;

Accessing Disability Support Pension – A case study;

Common causes of debts and appealing debt decisions;

Centrelink’s review and appeal system; and

How Canberra Community Law can help and when to refer.

This session will be delivered by a lawyer from Canberra Community Law.