10. December 2018 - 4:00 till 7:00
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Anti-open plan c block. SAY NO. | Camberwell High School | Monday, 10. December 2018

Camberwell High School is planning on making the top floor of C Block and D Block an open plan "learning" space, meaning, it will be hard to work and easy to get distracted as kids can come from anywhere, at any time. We all hate the E Centre, and yet the "Official Party" plan to create learning plans much like it. We need people to say no to this. Not only will it deter any forms of learning, it will create ongoing disruptions as the courtyard did, which took roughly two years to complete. These abhorrent wastes of money are what makes Camberwell High a no-go zone for parents and students, new and current.
  • keen
  • What a meme, this is amazing.
  • Make CHS Great Again!!
  • Works for some students but not for all. Structure Is still needed for many students.
  • i blame open plan learning space for my **** atar
  • Okay, so things are progressing and we will provide an update soon.
  • This is complete and utterly bullshit, ever since I have Been in the E centre my grades have gone to ****, lift. Your game. Camby
  • Lol, they haven't even finished the hall and they want to start ANOTHER renovation? Glad I jumped ship
  • The only way things can be changed are through publicity. Get enough people around this, and we will without a doubt change chs and thwart their plans.
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