26. October 2019 - 13:30 till 15:30
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How Make Money On Facebook Newcastle | Cardiff RSL | Saturday, 26. October 2019

Workshops To Help You Grow Your Business With Social MediaBecome Clear, Remove Overwhelm and Get More Customers. Do You Struggle With:=>>Knowing how to implement Social Media into an already busy schedule? =>>Feeling overwhelmed because you don't know what to do? =>>Understanding which Social Media Platform you should use: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube? =>>How to get your followers referring customers and spending more money?Rise Social Media Workshops Work Best For:✅ Small to Medium Businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition.✅ Network Marketers wanting to know how to build a list of targeted prospects online.✅ Home Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to stand out from their competitors.✅ Marketing Executives with a drive to get a better return on their advertising dollar.✅ Budding Entrepreneurs wanting direction!What Makes Rise Social Media So Different?Rise Social Media gives you REAL strategies you can use in an already overloaded schedule.We understand because not only are we experts and trainers on Social Media, we are also business owners. We understand what it's like to try and balance the demands of personal and business life while navigating the sense of overwhelm that comes from having to learn something new. You will come to Rise Events and walk away with at least one clear strategy you can use to grow your brand, build a customer base and make more money using Social Media! Our PhilosophyDon't get caught up in the hype of requiring thousands upon thousands of followers. This may not be required for your business is different. While some completely online businesses may require massive followings, most do not. It's time to remove the confusing messages and help you get clear on what your Social Media Strategy should be and how to fit it into your already busy schedule.