19. October 2019 - 14:30 till 16:30
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Dad’s Lunch Box パパのお弁当は世界一 - JFF Darwin 2019 | BCC Cinemas Casuarina | Saturday, 19. October 2019

The Japanese Film Festival (JFF) is presented and run by The Japan Foundation, Sydney and is now an established calendar event. The JFF started in 1997 with three free film screenings in Sydney and has expanded to 10+ cities. This year, the festival presents three films in Darwin on October 18-19.

Dad’s Lunch Box パパのお弁当は世界一 
Story: Dad’s Lunch Box is a heart-warming story of a newly-divorced father who vows to make his daughter Midori’s lunch every single day until she finishes high school. Meanwhile, Midori it still adjusting to the new dynamic with her father and dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school life–friends and boys at the top of the list. She’s mortified that her classmates notice her father’s awful attempts at cooking, and spends lunch time with her friends harshly critiquing his “experiments”. Her father, a hard working salary-man, is determined to win Midori’s approval by making the perfect bento—even if it takes him the rest of Midori’s high school years to master the skill. 
Based on a viral tweet that was retweeted by 80,000 people and received 260,000 likes, Masakazu Fukatsu’s debut feature film brings together a warm story of the growing bond between father and daughter, and reinforces the age-old sentiment that family connections are best built through food.
Year: 2017 / Runtime: 76 mins / Genre: Drama / Classification: Suitable for all ages / Language: In Japanese with English subtitles / Copyright: ©2017 "DAD'S LUNCH BOX" Film Partners
Director: Masakazu Fukatsu 
Screenplay: Toshitsugu Ono 

Production Company: "DAD'S LUNCH BOX" Film Partners  
Toshimi Watanabe as Dad 
Rena Takeda as Midori
Trailer(with English subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCwmZpaWF90