10. June 2019 - 17:00 till 18:15
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Navigating the Postpartum Transition as a Health/Wellness Professional | Wildflower Center for Emotional Health | Monday, 10. June 2019

Holding the Healer: Navigating the Postpartum Transition as a Health/Wellness Professional
With the birth of a baby, a parent is born. Their world is abruptly changed and so is their role in it. Their identity, relationships, fantasies, routines, and attitudes are in a state of flux. New parents needs time, space, and support to discover how to make sense of this unfamiliar reality, and how to thrive in it. As health professionals we, too, experience these same massive forces of change within us and around us as we become parents. We may be surprised, delighted, and concerned by the impacts that becoming a parent has on our professional practice. In this Wildflower Talk facilitated by Aga Grabowski, LCSW, PMH-C, we will discuss the experience of navigating the identity of a new/newer parent and that of a health professional as well as explore the key components of wellbeing during this phase of life.

Wildflower Talks
At Wildflower, we believe that people thrive when they belong to communities that accept them and honor their experiences. Unfortunately, when dealing with unexpected life events and challenges people often feel misunderstood and silenced.
Wildflower Talks are about bringing people together for the purpose of casual, intimate exploration of tough topics that matter. Come join us for 75 minutes of discussion in a supportive, laidback environment. You are welcome to say as much or as little as you want.
Most importantly, we want you to simply be yourself.