23. January 2018 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Shakira LIVE in Chicago | United Center | Tuesday, 23. January 2018

1- Concertboom 100% guarantees all purchases. We have been distributor of all major concerts since 2010.

2- Different websites sell tickets at different dates, that is usual in concert ticketing industry.

3- If you can't find the tickets you like please check back in as we add more & more tickets every hour.

4- To win free tickets please share this event and RSVP. The winners of free ticket lottery will be announced in March.
  • To win free tickets please share this event and RSVP. The winners of free ticket lottery will be announced in March. https://www.facebook.com/events/279836219192806/
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/279836219192806/
  • Sold out of the Chicago shirts!!!! *** . Need. One.
  • Ok, event hosts. Someone give us the deets. I keep hearing she has Starlite as a dj, but starlite is in Canada today. And I hear wrigleys curfew is 11. Sooo, is there an opener or not? And when does GG actually go on, cause I doubt it's 7. I'm hearing 7 (with a long set), 8, 8:30, 8:45, & 9... which is it?!
  • Does she have an opener or is she going on exactly at 7?
  • I have parking available. $30
  • waiting,waiting,waiting,virginia?? where are u sis?? one titos,2 titos,3 titos 4????? lady GAGA PREPARTY IS IN FULL SWING BABABABABA!!!
  • Have one Field D ticket Row 19 $300.
  • Who's selling a ticket ?
  • Looking for two field tickets :D
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  • Any tickets available? Looking for two
  • Looking for 2 tickets around $50-$75! Plzzzz this little monster is desperate and poor
  • Does anyone know what time Gaga comes on tonight?
  • I have parking available 2.5 blocks away from the stadium. $35
  • HELLO I found a pair of tickets today on the ground in the loop--- did anyone lose them? Please PM me if you did, am trying to get them back to you before the concert today!!!
  • Is there going to be an opening act tonight or is Lady Gaga going on at 7pm? Anyone know?
  • Looking for tickets if anyone is still selling
  • Looking for 2 tix $75 or less!
  • Looking for two field tickets
  • Does anyone know who's opening the show tonight?
  • Is anyone selling tickets for close to **** value? xo
  • Finally tonight!! See you soon GaGa!!! 💗💗💗