23. July 2019 - 19:30
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This Is Not This Heat @ Thalia Hall | Thalia Hall | Tuesday, 23. July 2019

“… It does feel like we’ve been witness to something special. A fine body of work has been brought to life with energy and vitality that seems improbable nearly 40 years after the fact.” - The Wire“This doesn’t feel like nostalgia but a new beginning” –The Guardian“While this music might have been written 40 years ago, its creeping sense of dread and strange beauty has never sounded more eerily prescient.” – Rolling Stone"It was plain to see that This Is Not This Heat is just as much a living, breathing collective as it is an homage to one of Britain’s most eclectic and innovative experimental rock groups" - BrooklynVegan review of Pioneer Works, New York When punk had barely dawned, This Heat was already post-punk. From its start in 1976, This Heat was a contrarian band, dispensing corrosive noise, intricate math-rock patterns and cryptic, often politically charged lyrics. This Is Not This Heat’s Big Ears set was utterly precise in its cantankerousness…the songs’ bristling cynicism defies obsolescence.” - The New York Times review of Big Ears Festival, Knoxville“Bowie and i hit it off insanely and talked about Mishima and This Heat and all sorts of stuff” –Arcade Fire’s Owen Pallett on meeting David Bowie“I get asked to play more music like This Heat, but to my knowledge there is no other music like This Heat” John Peel“The Beatles of experimental music”- Amen Dunes