17. November 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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The Antique Roadshow | The Chidlow Tavern | Sunday, 17. November 2019

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, with antiques as a bridge connecting generations of our family together. Every antique has its own story and each one is beautiful, unique as a fingerprint. With expert guidance, they are the key to unlocking the secrets of our past. Once understood, antiques become more than furniture, they hold our family history, they are the hand-crafted legacy of our great grandparents. So, let’s take a walk in their shoes, journey through the bygone eras and embrace our ancestors, for in the simple truth - all we are, is because of all they were… Join us Sunday 17th November from 10 am at the Chidlow Tavern and celebrate the best of yesterday at The Chidlow Antiques Roadshow, with Antique experts, local traditional craftsman giving demonstrations and talks, learn all about the different hobbies and crafts from those who keep them alive. The tavern will be open all day for food and drinks and welcomes families. What sort of items can people bring? Really the list is endless, and a short answer is an item around 100 years or older. This includes jewellery, ceramics, pottery, furniture, glass, bottles, tins, signs, farm or gardening equipment, art, Australiana, stamps, postcards and memorabilia Collectables, Aboriginal, Silver, etc. Details on Valuations- Whether it’s a family heirloom, gift or something that caught your eye, lots of us have antiques, our personal treasure we love and adore, regardless of its worth but your insurance company may feel different. Maybe you have always wondered if something is an original? Or maybe your antique has had a hard life and you would love some guidance. Then there’s the stories of great luck, the ones that have gone unrecognised. Contact the Chidlow Tavern today and book your spot with an Expert. We will be joined by the wonderful Donelly's Auctioneers. These are some of Perth’s highest regarded experts in their field and are a fountain of knowledge on all aspects of Antiques. Make a booking to bring your item on the day, the expert will spend around 10 minutes appraising your item and answer your questions, these are $5 per item.
You are welcome to bring multiple items or use both options of different items however they must be booked as separate items; you can’t use the 1-time slot for multiple items. To book your valuation or for more information, please email katie@chidlowtavern.com.au, ring 95724154 or send us a Facebook message (@chidlowtavern) Get Involved and make Nana ProudAre you in a traditional industry, restore or upcycle antiques or maybe you are a skilled traditional crafter and you share our passion for keeping the best of yesterday; get in touch - we would love to hear from you.