21. November 2020 - 11:00 till 14:00
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The 100 Man Kumite Fundraiser (Mental Health) | Saturday, 21. November 2020


Unfortunately, there's not a lot of funding and awareness that goes into "Mental Health." A lot of people will never quite understand mental health unless they have been through it themselves. One of the biggest problems in this country is that it's not treated as seriously as other illnesses. Some people will never understand the severity of it. It is now my mission together with The Mental Health Foundation to raise awareness.

I (James Nunn) would love to get permission of both my martial arts instructors, O'Kaicho Malcolm Anderson (Busikai Karate) and Mr Matt Cooper (BJJ) to help me organize a charity event. Where we would like to partake in a "100 Man Kumite." The problem is, we need 100 people to fight. We have thought this through and we would like to do it differently. Have 50 rounds of sparring and 50 rounds of Jiu-jitsu grappling.

Everyone please understand that this is my (James Nunn) choice and I want to raise money to help raise awareness for mental health. This will require me to spend hours and hours of training and getting myself ready for this important event.

We are holding the event on Saturday 24th November (my birthday) 2018. On the day we will need paramedics and people that can help out on the day would be greatly appreciated. All the proceeds will go towards The Mental Health Foundation. Which I am a passionate board member of. This is my passion. This is our goal.

For those of you that haven't listened and watched the video I posted a while back, I suggest you watch it. The video is very powerful and speaks the truth about what I had to overcome as well as the many other people around the country, if not the world who suffer mental illness.

Let's stop sweeping mental illness under the rug and let's do something about it. This is what life is all about. Helping people and making a difference. We're all on this planet together and if there's one thing that life teaches us is that if we all work together, we can achieve great things and have a happy and healthy life.

Thank you so much to everyone who will take the time to read this and share this with as many people as possible.

Any questions, feel free to contact a team members.

Kind Regards

James Nunn
Director of Physical Education
The Mental Health Foundation