02. May 2018 - 8:00
LaSalle Hotel, 120 S Main, Bryan, TX
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2018 Heart of Texas Rally | Wednesday, 02. May 2018

The 2018 Heart of Texas Rally will contain a 3 day(ish) version and the traditional 12 hour version of the motorcycle scavenger hunt event. Both events this year will have a singular start location, the 3 day will be near Brady, TX and the 12 hour will be in Bryan, TX. Both will end on the afternoon of May 5th, 2018 (3 day at 3:00 pm, the 12 hour at 6:00 pm). Rally fees as $115 for the 12 hour, $230 for the 3 day with an additional $70 for pillion rider. Registration can be found on Ridemaster (). Questions can be sent to paultong971@gmail.com.

Ridemaster link for event begins Friday Dec 1st. Yes, this is only 2 weeks after another rally event. Sorry, we were busy executing a recent rally and weren't included in any discussions on dates and times and thus we weren't left with much to work with. Yes, it may be a small crowd in Bryan, TX but we'll still have fun.