22. March 2019 - 10:30 till 12:30
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Aged Care & Disability Services Sector - Sydney | | Friday, 22. March 2019

Aged Care and Disability Services Sectors 
With enormous changes and disruption to the Aged Care and Disability Services sector this specifically tailored event will help you understand and navigate a challenging media landscape.
The aim is to build new media relationships with the press, break down some barriers and also educate the journalists present about your sector.
We want you to be seen as your industry’s thought leader. And there’s no better or faster way to achieve this than regular press coverage.
We’ll introduce you to the media covering your industry, and help you explore ways to secure frequent press appearances.
In this market leading event, we bring together Australia’s key media decision makers with the leaders, trailblazers and experts of industry to network, explore ideas and build relationships.
What’s it about?
This is your opportunity to get to know the producers, editors, chiefs of staff, presenters and journalists representing some of Australia’s biggest print, online and broadcast media. But more importantly, you’ll get no-holds barred insights on the challenges they ****, how they operate and the stories they’re really looking for.
The event is designed to give you a practical understanding of the media cycle. You’ll learn the secrets of pitching a powerful story, the optimum way to reach your target media, plus the expectations they have of you and what you should expect of them. Successfully engaging the media is a game – knowing the rules will help you not only play well but increase your chances of winning!
The event format will include both expert panels and workshops, giving you maximum opportunity to learn and connect.
Who’s it for?
We’ve created this event to provide a gateway for CEOs, senior managers experts and authorities across the Aged Care and Disability Services sectors. Communications managers, public and media relations consultants, marketing and brand managers will also find it valuable.
If you’re ready to get off the fence, increase your profile and build your brand, this is the event for you. Secure your spot and start making an impact today.
For all enquiries please contact Tony Nicholls (03) 9844 4373 or tony@.